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No.1 March 15, 2016

Established in 1949 as one of the oldest data acquisition companies in the world, Graphtec is proud to bring you proven solutions from our trusted, high quality data acquisition instruments and datalogger line-up. As a premier provider to the test and measurement world, we are most excited to launch our new GL Series additions — and we want you in the know! Enjoy our monthly newsletters which includes product technical information, applications, and more. Discover all of the new solutions from Graphtec.


Graphtec is excited to bring you the latest generation of our standalone datalogger series – GL240, GL840-M and GL840-WV – with the ability to add secured wireless networks and sensors for AC, vibration, CO2, light and UV measurement. Combining our expertise in sensing and wireless technologies, third generation multichannel dataloggers will provide data access from secured smart devices and wireless PCs in addition to the traditional standalone instrument that has been the industry leader in display-based data acquisition systems.

Building a Global Standard for Multichannel Datalogging

Graphtec’s GL series portable instruments offer isolated voltage inputs with high quality measurement per channel that bring accurate measurement of multiple types of data. The new B-568 wireless module add-on will also allow users to connect, operate, and acquire data remotely on the wireless LAN on top of the USB and LAN connection that is currently offered (LAN only available on the GL840 series).

Q: What are the types of wireless connections available on the new series?

    A: B-568 wireless option enables a 801.11(b/g/n) WLAN setting where a terminal (or node) connection to a wireless network or a “hot spot” access point connection is made possible. As an “access point” instrument, GL series will allow remote smart devices and wireless PC to access into the GL instruments by using the proprietary hot spot access with the user-defined network. AndroidOS and iOS platforms have a free downloads on their app stores, and the web server interface will allow real-time wireless data access from your PCs web browser.

Q: What about the security? Does it offer password enabled configuration?

    A: All wireless configurations come with the ability to set up your WEP or WPA/WPA-2PSK password security on your instruments. Additionally, your firewall can be configured within the network to protect your data. Please consult your IT professional on how to better secure your network.

screen based standalone wlan dataloggers“Graphtec Loggers are great, handy dataloggers, and we find engineers fighting to use your instruments at our labs. We love using the equipment.” – Engineer, General Electric


Key Features

High Accuracy Measurement With The GL840-WV

GL840 series now allows two set of terminal blocks: the traditional set up with temperature and voltage measurement ranging 0 to 100VDC input, and a withstand model with higher accuracy readings and capability to withstand up to 600Vp-plevels to be used for higher voltage application such as stacked cell battery monitoring and solar-power cell monitoring solution.

Datalogger Solution Using Wireless LAN Module (B-568)

Wireless access on the GL840 and GL240 now allows the ability to remotely display the data from a remote smart device and wireless as well as wired PC. You will also have the ability to control the start and stop switches for the monitoring remotely, and change the setting on the instruments via a remote location. Depending upon the set up of your network, you will also be able to save the data remotely to your remote location, and receive warning emails based on the alarm thresholds you set up on your GL.

screen based standalone dataloggers     Smart Device Phone Datalogging

Wireless and Non-wireless Access To GL100 Sensors

One GL100-WL wireless compact can also be monitored real time using this feature to the GL240 (GL840 series will access up to 5 GL100-WL). The data from the GL100-WL can be displayed real time on the displays from the GL240 and GL840s.

screen based standalone dataloggers     WLAN Access Station Datalogging

Product Fact Sheet

GL240 10-channel Datalogger and GL840-M/WV 20-channel Datalogger Key Values

  • High performance measurement
  • Direct Excel recording (on .csv file format)
  • High isolated mechanism with ability to select input per channel
  • Measurement focused APS software
gl240 compact datalogger specifications

gl240 data logger accessories


gl240 data logger accessories


gl840 screen based datalogger specifications

gl840 data logger accessories
gl840 datalogger accessories


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