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GL100 Compact Data Logger

remote wi-fi climate data acquisition monitoring  
  The GL100 is a new compact data logger. Its body with universal input allows users to switch sensors and terminals for measuring various signals. The main body dimension is a slight 2.6″ wide x 3.93″ tall x 1.06″ thick (66mm x 100mm x 27mm).

Powered by two AA batteries (not included) or USB bus power (included MicroB-A USB cable). With an onboard memory of 4.9MB and external memory via Micro SD card slot, the GL100 body also includes one USB (Micro B connection). The GL100-WL model includes factory wireless LAN.

The display is a backlit monochrome with 128×64 dot resolution displaying measured values and settings. Recorded data is not displayed on the main unit; Captured data can only be displayed on PC using included application software.



Available portable, compact sensors to measure various signals with the GL100 compact datalogger.

illuminance and UV sensor monitoring recording   Temperature Humidity climate monitor logging  


portable remote CO2 sensor data acquisition   AC Current Sensor Adapter for data monitoring  


Monitor AC Current SensorAC Current Sensos 50v 100v 200v



Available input terminals and adapters for GL100

portable compact 4channel voltage temperature terminal   multi-channel AC Current Sensor data logging monitor

compact datalogger recording times

GL100 is available WLAN or non wireless:

  • Smartphone application (Android OS & iOS) included with WLAN version
    [Available for download on the Android store & Apple’s App Store]
  • Automatic email notifications included for WLAN version
  • WLAN Real-time monitoring through smartphone devices (iOS 7 or later, Android OS 4.1 or later)
    plus automatic alarm emails—with ability to configure remotely.

    datalogging various input signals
    GL-Connect for Android & iOS
    Supports GL840/GL100

    iOS7 / iOS8
    Datalogger Apple App store software application

    Andorid (4.1-4.4)
    Android software app for datalogging

      GL100 WLAN     



    GL100 Body | Co2 | AC Current Sensor Adapter | Temperature/Humidity Sensor
    GL100-WL / N configured with dual port adapter, temp/humidity sensor and carbon dioxide sensor.
    wi-fi remote triggering datalogger

    GL100 Body | Co2 | AC Current Sensor Adapter | UV Sensor
    GL100-WL / N shown with dual port adapter, illuminance/UV sensor and CO2 sensor.
    wi-fi remote triggering monitor instrument

    GL100 Body | UV Sensor | AC Current Sensor Adapter | Temperature/Humidity Sensor
    Configuration using dual port adapter with temp/humidity sensor and illuminance/UV sensor.
    wi-fi temperature monitoring



    The GL100 is supplied with software that provides excellent control over most GL Series functions. It also provides convenient data transfer and control from your PC to the GL100 — as well as converting measured data into file formats that can be used with spreadsheet applications, data analysis applications, and other software programs.





    Main Features

    • Modular
    • Supports a variety of measurements by exchanging the input module
    • PC and smart mobile device software available
    • Industry-specific software: agriculture, logistics, power
    • Wireless access for GL100-WL model
    • self-triggering data acquisition
    • Built-in memory ~4.9MB
    • microSD memory card port


      Download GL100 User Manual   8.5 MB

      Download the GL100-WL (Wireless Model) Brochure/Spec Sheet   1.8 MB

      Download the GL100-WL (Wireless Model) Brochure/Spec Sheet For Hydroponics Datalogging   899.6 KB

      Download the GL100-N (Standard Model) Brochure/Spec Sheet   1.8 MB

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