Graphtec Glossary

ARMS — Graphtec’s Automatic Registration Mark Sensor (ARMS) system is the laser/optical eye which reads multiple registration mark patterns on pre-printed media to obtain accurate contour cutting for the production of decals, stickers, heat transfer and full-color packaging designs in the print and cut operational workflow for sign makers and graphic artists.

This system especially benefits those who have a need for contour cutting of longer prints. The ARMS system is designed to compensate for media mis-alignment, material expansion/contraction, and the common media shifting that occurs during some printing processes. These intelligent features assure users of unsurpassed accuracy and reliable operation for even the most intricate contour cutting applications.

contour die cut video  Watch this video and see Graphtec’s ARMS in action!


CIS — (Contact Images Sensor) method used in the Graphtec image scanners. To read more in detail about CIS technology, please go to pdf link CIS vs CCD FAQ.


Contour Cut — Graphtec cutting plotters have the ability to cut around a pre-printed image—like die cutting. Similar production result as a die cut but using a drag blade to perform the cut.


  Cutting Master 3 — (a plug-in software that is included with all FC8600 and CE6000 Series models) is designed to allow customers to operate their cutter from the two most popular graphic and illustration applications: Adobe® Illustrator® and CorelDraw® X4-X8.

Cutting Master 3 enables users to output their designs created in their preferred illustration software directly to the CE6000 series cutting plotters. This software provides the opportunity for new users to integrate an economical graphics and sign making system without a large investment or the need to learn a different software application.

Windows requirements: Windows 10 – XP; minimum hardware requirement of Pentium III and 600Mhz, 256MB RAM.
Cutting Master 3 for Windows works with CorelDraw X4-X8*, and Adobe® Illustrator versions CS4 – CC 2015.3.

Macintosh requirements: OSX Macintosh with Intel Core Mac OSX 10.5 – 10.11.
Cutting Master 3 for Mac works with Adobe® Illustrator versions CS4 – CC 2015.3.

*Cutting Master 3 Compatibility with CorelDraw

CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6-X8 (includes Visual Basic)

CorelDraw Premium Suite X6-X8 (includes Visual Basic)

*Cannot use Cutting Master with CorelDraw Download (Home) version or Education version since they do not include Visual Basic. Users with these two versions have to contact Corel and upgrade to full versions.


graphtec_studio   Graphtec Studio — Graphtec America has developed and released its own easy-to-use design application software, Graphtec Studio; that is used for creating original designs. It can also configure the cutting conditions and other functions on the plotter. Graphtec Studio is both Windows and Mac compatible.

Compatible with CE6000, CE5000, FC8600, FC8000, FC4500 and FC2250 cutters.

Windows requirements: Windows 10 – XP with minimum hardware requirement of Pentium III and 600Mhz, 256MB RAM.

Macintosh requirements: OSX Macintosh with Intel Core Mac OSX 10.5 – 10.11.


Kiss Cut / Contour Cut — To cut vinyl or any pre printed cut media — such as printable heat transfer and full color stickers — all the way through up to its backing material without having to produce a separate die or punch. This cutting method is also useful for contour cutting of printed materials such as full color, printed stickers. When contour cutting printed stickers/vinyl, you can combine a Kiss Cut with a Perf Cut in the same cut job: This combination results in individual stickers Cut Thru with a Kiss Cut inside for that perfect peel away finish.

watch contour cutting video  Watch this video and see a Graphtec cutter perform a kiss cut / contour cut.


Perf Cut — Also known as “Cut Thru” is the method used to contour cut pre-printed decals/stickers completely through the media without damaging the cutting plotter blade or cutting plotter itself.

The FC8600 Series and FC8000/FC7000MK2/FC7000 series of professional cutting plotters comes standard with a Perf Cut option installed. To see it in action and learn how to use this unique feature found only in Graphtec high-performance series cutter plotters.

  Watch this video and see how the FC8600 performs perf cutting.


ROBO Master—Graphtec’s proprietary standalone Windows application software that allows users to work directly with Graphtec’s Craft ROBO desktop Cutting Plotter.

Windows requirements: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Pro/Vista/7 with minimum hardware requirement of Pentium III and 600Mhz, 256MB RAM.