Rhinestone / GEM System



Graphtec Element Matched (GEM) System

The GEM System offers a complete rhinestone solution for the CE6000-40, CE5000-40/CraftROBO Pro and Silhouette desktop cutters. The solution includes rhinestone stencil material, backing board, hot fix transfer tape, rhinestone setting brush, training video, assorted hot fix rhinestones, and a rhinestone starter kit. Graphtec’s design software, i-DesignR® PRO 2 for the CE6000-40 and i-DesignR® Lite for the Silhouette, completes the GEM System.


Graphtec GEM Rhinestone FAQ PDF Document 794KB

Silhouette Rhinestone FAQ PDF Document 828KB

Use Heat Press to Apply Rhinestones using Craft ROBO Pro 2.7MB

Use Hand Iron to Apply Rhinestones using Craft ROBO/Silhouette 2.0MB


How To


Create & Cut Rhinestone Patterns & Fills with i-DesignR®


Install & Setup i-DesignR®


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