“Mark Scan Error” Cutting Master 2

When using Cutting Master 2 plug-in for your contour cutting job


Cutting Plotter Language MUST BE CHANGED to Language GPGL

All cutting plotters, except for the FC8000, MUST BE MANUALLY CHANGED from HPGL to GPGL in order for the software and computer to recognize the machine through Cutting Master 2.

Cutting Master 2: Adobe Illustrator Print & Cut Guide 1.2MB

Testing Registration Mark Sensor FC8600, FC8000, & CE6000


Test Registration Mark Sensor FC8600, FC8000, & CE6000 274.2KB

Not Reading Registration Marks for some print and cut jobs on high gloss or laminated, printed media


When using some glossy media or when using glossy laminated prints, sometimes the sensor may need to be adjusted. If the sensor is finding some of the registration marks and not others, the optimum setting has been determined to be X=70 and Y=80. By following the steps below the sensor values can be set.

Manually Adjusting the FC8000 ARMS Sensor Level for Glossy Media and Glossy Laminated Prints 90KB


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