multi-channel vibration measurement data logging recording
multi-channel testing data recording
portable remote climate monitoring
portable  multi channel temperature humidity dataloggers

Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Datalogger Instruments

multi-channel datalogger recorder capture device capabilities
DataLogger Data Acquisition

arrow GL240
arrow GL840
arrow  GL100
arrow  GL7000
arrow  GL900
arrow  MT100

Arraycorders Memory

arrow  WR300

Linearcorders Analog

arrow  WR3320A


Graphtec America includes a superior lineup of multi-channel data acquisition datalogger instruments products hardware and devices competitive in all industries. Modular, compact and handheld data logger devices by Graphtec are proven, reliable standalone monitoring solutions for automotive, aerospace, agriculture, power, military, gas and oil industries.


Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Datalogger Instruments Comparison

Multichannel datalogger function set
1Using optional WLAN Unit B-568
2Available GL100-WL (WLAN model)


portable datalogger feature set

Features and functions subject to change without notice.