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Discovery Newsletter No.6 | Jan 12, 2017

Dataloggers for electrical and industrial purposes revolve around three major objectives: recording, monitoring, and testing.

To automate the recording process, the triggering feature is used in setting up conditions. Graphtec’s robust, independent start and stop triggering capability allows users to capture only the data of interest via event-based triggers or time-based triggers.

In this newsletter, we focus on the triggering feature for all Graphtec portable dataloggers-including the external triggering mechanism in automated testing, monitoring and recording processes.

variable data acquisition unit

variable data acquisition unit


In various datalogging testing scenarios, the ability to process the data files by utilizing the trigger will simplify the testing process. It eliminates down-time and automates the starts and stops for the datalogging application. For example, recording temperature data for heat treatment in an oven chamber can be initiated when a specified temperature is met per user’s specification. Graphtec dataloggers provide several options for this triggering mechanism. They include threshold level, alarm, external input, date, weekly, and time stamp triggering variables.

External Triggering

All triggering features are available on the GL APS software for Graphtec portable dataloggers. In addition, the scheduling feature will appropriate customized test workload to individual test files in advance. Users will be able to set test plans beforehand and customize tests based on each user’s requirements.

Graphtec Datalogger APS Software


Discovery Newsletter No.5 | Sep 15, 2016

Data acquisition has long been in the forefront of product development and research for discovering new ways to tackle materials and component issues, heat treatment, and life-cycle stress testing.

Graphtec launched its GL7000 data acquisition platform in 2015 to augment users looking to find a turn-key data acquisition kit that allows recordings of accelerometers, strain gauges, and fast sampling electrical signals (AC and frequency signals) as well as temperature recording for development necessities.

variable data acquisition unit


Next generation Data Acquisition platform GL7000 is a modular type system with selective input amplifiers customized to meet your demands – based on your applications. Engineers may cater their applications to the most cost-effective module set up – adding value and efficiency by increasing the modules to meet new testing scenarios.  The standalone structure with an optional touch panel display provides an easy-to-use turnkey solution that focuses on delivering the necessary data to your hands and eyes as quickly as possible.

robust Graphtec data acquisition

GL7000 achieves a module set up where each amplifier may be added on to the side of the main module unit and is expandable up to 10 modules per main unit.

modular datalogging touch panel lcd


Discovery Newsletter No.4 | July 26, 2016

Graphtec dataloggers have long been regarded as the go-to multichannel, portable datalogger for 10 channel and above applications for recording temperature and voltages signals. In this issue of our discovery newsletters, we explore the engineering scaling feature more in depth as we cover the details on how signals from pressure transducers, flow meters, LVDT displacement sensors and various other signals are used in conjunction with the Graphtec GL series.

Also, discover how additional testing can be made with various physical parameters like distance, pressure, flow, and speed.


Multiple sensor manufacturers in the industrial, research and development fields provide output signals that are scaled in voltage DC signals or 4 to 20mA current loops. Graphtec dataloggers are able to scale these signals to its original unit of measurement and record data in their respective scales such as pressure (PSI), length (feet), area, frequency (RPM), energy (W) and flow (gal/s).

The Engineering Unit (EU) setting available on the GL240, GL840s, GL900, and the GL7000 are a direct ratio mapping feature where you set the minimum and the maximum input values from the input signal, and output the EU values in terms of the unit of measurement proportional to that range.


Discovery Newsletter No.3 | May 26, 2016

In early 2015, Graphtec announced its entry into the compact datalogger market with the GL100 series.

GL100 comes wireless and non-wireless, handheld with the ability to monitor and record information for temperature (thermocouple and thermistor), humidity, light, UV, CO2, AC (50, 100, 200A), and vibration.

With the ability to send alarm and emails with triggering capability, you can discover new ways to tackle your datalogging requirement.

wlan wireless datalogging


The handheld-type compact GL100 is a datalogger created to handle the wider range of simple datalogging for logistics, transportation, medical, agricultural, and retail outlet purposes. As wireless connections become more frequent and handheld-size datalogging becomes more prevalent, Graphtec built a more intuitive and simple recorder—bringing data to the palm of your hands as quickly and simply as possible.

Its compact main body carries a microSD memory card slot, and the wireless model (WL) main body will allow access from smart-enabled devices like smart pads and smartphones through the Graphtec app available on iOS and Android OS platforms (available on iTunes App Store and Android apps on Google Play).

MicroUSB access to PC software for real-time recording is also offered through the GL100APS software.


Discovery Newsletter No.2 | April 26, 2016

This second installment of our monthly newsletter will focus on the third generation GL840—with its high performance and multi-channel measurement capabilities for handy, portable datalogging. The ability to monitor up to 300Vp-p with 2300 Vrms withstand DC measurement on the GL840-WV protects this instrument from any high voltage leaks. Wireless monitoring is also now available with the GL840s.

wlan wireless datalogging

(Optional B-568 WLAN shown.)


This month, we cover the basic features of the GL840-M multi-input and the GL840-WV withstand-voltage model dataloggers. With these two new models, focus is on the general 20-channel temperature/voltage input datalogger and the voltage-withstand datalogger with higher accuracy, higher voltage input capability and glitch protection. GL840-M is ideal for multichannel measurements of linear voltage output (or 4-20mA current loops), thermocouples, and RTDs. GL840-WV will support requirements for high precision measurement of temperature and voltage as well as high voltage—such as battery cell voltage monitoring and measurement.

Expandability up to 200 channels

The key capability of the GL840 is on its expandability of up to 200-channel input measurements using its expansion terminal blocks. The basic configuration for the expansion kit will require an extension cable, extension terminal base, and the 20-channel extension terminal block. The GL840 series, on both the multi-input model and the withstand model, now provides the ability to connect each terminal base in combination with the terminal block—with the extension cable in addition to the traditional method of daisy chaining terminal blocks to each other.


Discovery Newsletter No.1 | March 15, 2016


screen based standalone dataloggers


Graphtec is excited to bring you the latest generation of our standalone datalogger series – GL240, GL840-M and GL840-WV – with the ability to add secured wireless networks and sensors for AC, vibration, CO2, light and UV measurement. Combining our expertise in sensing and wireless technologies, third generation multichannel dataloggers will provide data access from secured smart devices and wireless PCs in addition to the traditional standalone instrument that has been the industry leader in display-based data acquisition systems.

Building a Global Standard for Multichannel Datalogging

Graphtec’s GL series portable instruments offer isolated voltage inputs with high quality measurement per channel that bring accurate measurement of multiple types of data. The new B-568 wireless module add-on will also allow users to connect, operate, and acquire data remotely on the wireless LAN on top of the USB and LAN connection that is currently offered (LAN only available on the GL840 series).