i-DesignR® Pro 2 Vinyl Sign Design & Cut Software


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i-DesignR® Pro II

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Graphtec’s exclusive professional graphic design software for use with the FC & CE series cutting plotters. i-DesignR® Pro II is a new software application based on the popular i-DesignR® Pro software, adding many new features for signage, apparel decoration, and print & cut (print/cut) applications. The new Pro II rhinestone design software includes all the features of the Pro version such as full Swarovski rhinestone library, rhinestone count and project cost capabilities along with completely new features such as rhinestone freehand drawing, a new improved function to convert True Type / Adobe Type1 fonts to single line fonts, and additional rhinestone fill patterns.

For traditional sign applications, i-DesignR® Pro II includes all the features a sign shop will need
Clip art import, object and text scaling, text and object fit to a path are included, and popular file formats such as EPS, PDF, and SVG are also supported. Proofs can be emailed to customers for project approval and a spell checker is standard. A new decorative cut tool can be used to create fancy cut patterns such as scallops and waves based upon the contour of a selected shape. For customers using CorelDraw, Illustrator, or Photoshop designs can be copied directly into i-DesignR® Pro II to apply the special tools and features needed for decorated apparel and sign applications.

i-DesignR® Pro II also supports the Advanced Registration Mark Sensing (ARMS) system found on the CE5000, CE6000 and FC8000, FC8600 series enabling contour cutting and die cutting of pre-printed graphics for labels, decals and full color stickers!

Graphtec strives to provide complete hardware and software solutions as well as comprehensive support for its customers. As with all Graphtec products, an in-depth instructional video is included with i-DesignR® Pro II. Customers who purchased i-DesignR CE or i-DesigR Pro may purchase an upgrade to i-DesignR® Pro II by contacting their authorized Graphtec reseller.

Graphtec CE6000 Series cutters are available in 15” to 42” widths and the FC8600 Series are available in 24” to 64” widths for cutting a wide variety of substrates including vinyl, cardstock, apparel heat transfer material, and rhinestone stencil.




Vinyl Sign Design & Cut

  • Import & Export Filters
  • Print & Cut Applications
  • Vinyl Sign Design
  • Single-Line Fonts
  • Photo Machine/Image Cut
  • Fuse Weld
  • Registration Marks
  • Link EPS, DCS-EPS
  • Link Bitmaps
  • Built-in TWAIN Support
  • WYSIWYG Layout
  • Arrays
  • Import SVG, PSD, PS
  • Powerful Text Tools
  • Parametric Shape Tools
  • Contour Cut w/ Auto Bleed
  • Multi Pass Cutting
  • Clip-art Viewer
  • Font Creator
  • Color vectorization
  • Chisel Effect


Rhinestone Design & Cut

  • Rhinestone Fill
  • Convert Bitmap to Rhinestone
  • Replace Object with Rhinestone
  • Vary Rhinestone Sizes & Colors
  • Single Line Fonts
  • BMP to Rhinestone
  • Element Count
  • Rhinestone Templates
  • Swarovski Library
  • Dynamic Spacing Adjust
  • Rhinestone Text
  • Rhinestone Simulation
  • Freehand Rhinestone Draw
  • Output Multi Color Stones
  • Grid and Staggered Fill

  Rhinestone Bullet   Easily create custom rhinestone designs with typeable rhinestone ready fonts.

  • Fifteen fonts are included in each font volume
  • Conversion charts are included indicating the correct point size for each font to produce specific sized rhinestone text
  • Text created with each font is fully editable including kerning and line spacing and are compatible with other i-DesignR text features
  • The fonts can be broken apart so individual stones in each character can be edited
  • Graphtec font conversion charts provide size values for seven different font sizes using stone sizes from ss6 to ss30
  • Swarovski font conversion charts provide size values for eleven different font sizes using stone sizes ss5 to ss48 and are exclusive to i-DesignR® Pro
  Rhinestone Bullet   The Graphtec Rhinestone Fonts Software is available in two separate volumes for use with your i-DesignR® Software (Lite, CE and PRO and PRO II).

Rhinestone Fonts Sold Separately from i-DesignR®.

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Cutting Plotter requirements: For use with the CE & FC series of GRAPHTEC professional cutting plotters.

Recommended Windows requirements: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7: 32 & 64 bit PentiumIII 450, 5GB Hard Drive, 128MB RAM

Minimum Windows requirements: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7: 32 & 64 bit PentiumII 350, 1GB Hard Drive, 64MB RAM



arrow  Download i-DesignR® Pro 2 Feature Set 1.5 MB  windows-icon

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