FC8600 Series high-performance cutting plotter is an industry leader for sign makers, graphic artists, automotive aftermarket professionals, countertop installers and other related users.  Graphtec FC8600 vinyl cutter sets an industry standard for quality and durability, and is now an even more powerful tool for any professional in the search of the highest-quality and most technically-advanced cutter on the market. Graphtec's sophisticated and proprietary technology, the Tangential Control mode, allows for complete elimination of distorted, rounded, or lifted corners, even when highly intricate design cutting is required.  This innovative features allows the Graphtec FC8600 to cut small text strings on vinyl.

Graphtec FC8600 series is available in five widths: the 24-in.-wide FC8600-60; 30-in.-wide FC8600-75; 42-in.-wide FC8600-100; 54-in.-wide FC8600-130; and the 64-in.-wide FC8600-160. This performance class allows you to process diamond grade, high-intensity reflective film, self-adhesive vinyl, sandblast-resist rubber, automotive window and paint protection film and other media.

Graphtec FC8600 series high-performance cutting plotter is an industry leader for sign makers, graphic artists, and other related users. The FC8600 series features a maximum cutting speed of 58.5 in/sec, 4.0 G maximum acceleration, and 20 to 600 g selectable cutting forces, allowing users to process diamond grade, high-intensity reflective film, sandblast resist rubber, automotive window & paint protection films, self-adhesive vinyl, Amberlith™ and Rubylith™, among other media types.

Graphtec FC8600 has added features such as: 3 inch wide user-friendly LCD control Panel, a Dual configuration function (two-user set and save customized conditions), an optional Ethernet capability (run multiple machines from one location), additional push rollers with 3 tension settings and enhanced ARMS system (automatically detects registration marks with color variants).


MAX CUT W 64" (162.6 cm)


MAX CUT W 54" (137.2 cm)


MAX CUT W 42" (106.7 cm)



MAX CUT W 30" (76.2 cm)


MAX CUT W 24" (61 cm)




GRAPHTEC CE6000 Plus Series Vinyl Cutter / Cutting Plotter is amongst the easiest to use on the market whilst yielding high quality results every time.  

Graphtec CE6000 Plus Series - the built-in front control panel provides complete parameter control including eight preset cutting conditions, as well as advanced features like tangential control mode, down force offset, pen up speed, blade wear monitoring and more. With a 25 pin RS-232C or the High Speed USB 2.0 control interface, a newer, larger LCD screen, managing your cutting jobs is simpler than ever!

Graphtec CE6000 Plus Series comes standard with: floor stands (except for the 15" CE-6000-40 model comes with rear media roll rack), Cutting Master Plug-in, plus Graphtec's ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor) system. 

The latest ARMS 5.0 (Automatic Registration Mark Sensing) system standard with Graphtec CE6000 Plus Series offers unparalleled media plotting and cutting accuracy via four-point rather than the traditional three point registration and an automatic panelling function for longer-length cutting and tracking requirements.  It also has a choice of operating modes to complement the user's skill levels and a range of different tool condition settings.


MAX CUT W 47" (119.4 cm)


MAX CUT W 23" (58.4 cm)


MAX CUT W 14" (35.6 cm)



The Graphtec Automatic Sheet Cutter is designed to automatically feed and contour cut media size up to 13" x 19" without the need for an operator.  Equipped with precision eye-mark CCD camera technology the CCD camera allows for quick reading of crop marks with a precision grade of 0.2 mm.

It can handle up to 200 sheets (depend on the thickness) of media in a continuous cycle but with the ability to add further sheets as required without interrupting the cutting process.  This is a capability that we consider sets the Graphtec Automatic Sheet Cutter apart from any comparable sheet-fed system.



Desktop Roll-feed Cutter Graphtec CE Lite-50 offers high cutting quality, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. Enable to create original goods easily with 4.3 inch touch panel and enhanced software.

Unique superior quality, high reliability and affordable price of Graphtec CE Lite-50 is suitable cutting plotter for small-to-medium production runs for heat transfer vinyl, decals, singage, automotive sign, and more!




The CE6000-120 AKZ delivers best in class performance on a variety of automotive customizing media from window tint to paint protection film. Auto registration mark sensor Four point, dual-axis skew correction The CE6000120 AKZ comes installed with antistatic cords for front and rear which reduces the static electricity that is so common with tint films that can restrict media movement.  Plus, its high–end servo motor delivers accurate cutting (up to 450g) of heavy materials such as paint protection films—making it the perfect solution to any tint and paint protection shop that wants to explore the vehicle graphics world. Each unit also includes: extended media roll rack, floor stand, dual media catch basket for dust-free cutting, anti-static string, and specially designed window tint blade holder.

On the job, the CE6000-120AKZ offers real cost/performance advantages over other brands of cutting plotters. With faster cutting speeds and higher cutting force, you'll have the flexibility to handle a wider range of material. The USB 2.0 high speed data interface or RS232C Serial Port ensures a reliable connection to the computer, either on a Mac or Windows PC.

CE6000-AKZ comes with Graphtec Studio design software for Windows and Mac, plus Cutting Master 4 Production Manager and Plug-in for the latest versions of CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator on Windows; Adobe Illustrator plug-in for Macintosh systems. Cutter Graphtec CE6000-120AKZ 48" for Automotive Aftermarket with stand/media basket/anti electro strings/magnets.



MAX CUT W 48" (121.3 cm)





Graphtec America is proud of its reputation as a proven global leader in imaging products for the garment and apparel industry.  With Graphtec, you can depend on superior performance, reliability, precision and quality production output.  Graphtec professional cutting plotters are the industry top performer for small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and MAC/PC Compatible.  Graphtec Cutting Plotter can also output directly from the NScan & NShot Digitizers.  The Plotter accepts Sheet paper & Roll paper.

CE6000-120AP (Apparel Pattern Cutting & Marking) is a Graphtec high-speed, professional cutting plotter designed specifically as an output machine device for apparel CAD systems.  The CE6000-120AP was designed specifically as an output machine device for apparel CAD/CAM systems.  The Cutter/Plotter can also output directly from the NScan & NShot Digitizers.  The Plotter accepts sheet paper and roll paper.  It handles a wide variety of pattern paper in widths up to a maximum of 1180 mm (when using a 2-inch core), and in a thickness range of from 64 to 130 g/m2. 

Innovative features include maximum cutting speeds of 39 ips (48″ CE6000-120AP) and with a maximum cutting force of 450 g. It also features an easy to use menu navigation system with eight groups of preset conditions which facilitates instantaneous recall of pre-programmed job-specific plotter setups.

Tri-port connectivity (USB, parallel and serial) makes the CE6000 series compatible with virtually any computer configuration.

All come standard with the machine to ensure accurate plotting of long markers and precise cutting of pattern layouts.

• The floor stand, roll media rack and media basket come standard with the machine to ensure accurate plotting of long markers and precise cutting of pattern layouts.

• Seven different perforated line types are provided to enable clean, easy separation of the individual pattern pieces after cutting.

• Media catch basket

• A cross-cutter function is also provided



Max. Cut 48" ( 121.3 cm)





Professional flatbed cutting plotters (in a more compact size) capable of processing various materials with accuracy compliant to most industry requirements for pattern making.  Graphtec FC4500 Series are available in 2 table sizes. The FC4550-50 has a cutting area of 23.2x16.9 inches and the FC4510-60 has a cutting area of 33.8x23.6 inches.  Suitable for PET (polyethylene terephthalate), Polyamide, Stiff paper, Cardboard, Microflute board or Industrial materials with precise adjustable cut pressure up to 600 gf.

Equipped with the ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensing system).  Enables higher productivity of POP, stickers and prototype cartons.  Precise control of contour cut, half cut, perforated cut, and plotting. Ideal for creating samples or small production runs.  

Graphtec FC4500 Series come standard with a dual head configuration allowing pens, cutting tools, and creasing tools to be loaded simultaneously.  A new reverse creasing function allows alignment and creasing on the reverse side of the printed card stock to prevent traces of the creasing operation from appearing on the printed surface.  A simple function to create fold lines for clean folding on micro-flute and cardboard has been enabled.  Up to three fold lines can be selected.  If two or three fold lines have been selected, the spacing between the lines can also be specified. Repeated creasing operations can also be specified for each of the lines.

Cutting and creasing can be carried out from reverse-side when using the registration marks. This prevents crease line from appearing on the printed surface.  Graphtec FC4500 Series are perfect for designers and prototyping in the offset printing, digital printing, packaging industry, fashion industry, as well as road sign making, stone & glass sandblasting/etching, the electronic film industry, and architectural model building.

Graphtec FCX2000 Series flatbed cutter is the ultimate solution for prototyping and small production runs of rigid packaging media and other sheet fed materials. With Graphtec’s medium to large flatbed cutting plotters, you have the right tool for contour cutting without requiring a die. Reduce media waste and processing time with included, dedicated software.  Added offline, USB operation enables operators of all skill levels to process various types of media for cutting.

Graphtec FCX4000 Series achieves high quality cutting with improving of the quality and accuracy by enhancing rigidity of the sliding mechanism and the driving system.  It is the best flatbed type cutting plotter that has a high usability and productivity equipped with new functions.



    Max. Speed 29.5"/sec, Max. Force 600 gf



Max. Speed 33"/sec, Cut 3/4” thick media



Max. Speed 30"/sec, Max. Force 600 gf



Max. Speed 1 ft 3.7"/sec, Max. Force 1000 gf



Graphtec CSX550 is one of the lightest wide-format scanners on our line up and offers high resolution. However, if you have any questions on using the scanner, the customer support is scant.

Graphtec CSX550 is a large scanner that can capture images as fast as 4 inches per second.  This scanning device features high resolution, a sleek design and full color capabilities. The Graphtec scanner can also scan up to 36 inches wide, and features CIS sensor technology.  This scanner is only 43 inches wide, 38 inches tall and 28 inches long. It also weighs approximately 85 pounds, making it one of the light.

When using this wide-format scanner, you can scan images up to 36 inches wide and 39 inches long. This device features full color capabilities and high resolutions. It has an optical resolution of 1200 dpi and a maximum resolution of 9600 dpi. Furthermore, this device can scan up to 4 inches per second for color images and 12 inches per second for gray scale. This 36-inch scanner also offers software enhancements such as Scanning Arts2 for Win, which allows you to easily print your images without the need for extensive and additional software.



Scan W 36", Speed 4 in/s, Max. 9600 dpi



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