Wireless data logger with Carbon dioxide sensor (CO2 concentration(max. 9999 ppm)), 4.9MB on-board memory, micro-SD memory slot, USB PC interface, LCD display.Solution with GS-CO2 sensor requires the use of the MicroUSB power cable, and is not recommended with the use of the AA batteries.

The compact GL100 data logger CO2 density sensor designed for industries requiring climate monitoring and control solution such as greenhouse, hydroponics, agriculture and botanical areas where operators need real time environment and climate monitoring. Fine arts museums and galleries are also served for controlled environment settings where the GL100 excels!

CO2 density sensor with a measuring range of 0-9,999ppm concentration.
Sensor Method
NDIR System (non disperv infrared)
Measurement Data
CO2 Concentration
Measurement Channels
Measurement Range
0 to 9,999ppm
Measurement Accuracy
±(5% of rdg + 30ppm) In the range between 0 and 5000ppm
Response Time
3 minutes or less
Sampling Intervals
0.5 | 1 | 2 | 5 | 10 | 20 | 30 sec
1 | 2 | 5 | 10 | 20 | 30 | 60 min
CO2 sampling interval is 2 seconds or slower. For sampling selection slower than 2 seconds, same values are recorded and new values are updated every 2 seconds.
Extension Cable
Approximately 20cm
Operating Environment
0º to 50ºC, 80% RH and below (non-condensed)
External Dimensions
66mm x 100mm x 24.6mm (excludes protrusion)
99g (3.49 oz)


Item Description
Number of channels Varies by the input module used, and measurement type is fixed with each input module
Input method, Type of input terminal
Output signal Alarm (1 channel), solid state switch with optical isolation (Optocoupler, Max. load is the 30 V, 50 mA)
Interface to PC USB (micro USB B type connector), Wireless LAN (WLAN) in GL100-WL
Wireless LAN (in GL100-WL) Standards: IEEE802.11b, Communication distance: approx. 40 m
* It varies by the condition of the LAN. Real-time transfer rate is up to 500ms. The WLAN is able to disable. (It is enabled in the factory default setting)
Storage device Built-in memory: RAM (Approx. 4.9 MB)
External memory: microSD memory card
* Maximum file size for captured data is 1.9MB. It is recommended to use the microSD memory card that supports sleep mode. (Example: TS4GUSDHC4, made by Transcend)
Display LCD (backlit monochrome, graphical type 128 x 64 dots)
Contents: Captured data and Setting menu (Stored data is not able to replay. It is able to replay using the PC application software.)
Functions • Real-time data capturing
• Display the captured data value to the LCD in real-time and save the monitoring values
• Set conditions using the Menu setting
While using USB port:
• Output captured data in real-time
• Output the saved data from the internal memory
• Full control of the GL100 from the PC application software
While using Wireless LAN (in GL100-WL):
• Output captured data in real-time
• Output the saved data from the internal memory
• Full control of the GL100 from the PC application software
• Simple control of the GL100 from the application software of Smart Device
• Send warnings via the e-mail
Alarm • Action
Outputs the signal when the measuring data reaches the present conditions of alarm
• Source
Level of measuring data
• Detecting method
Condition: Higher or lower (signal is higher or lower than the threshold)
Combination: OR
Trigger • Action
Start or stop the recording of captured data by trigger
• Source
Start trigger: OFF, Level (*), Alarm, or Date
Stop trigger: OFF, Level (*), Alarm
* Level trigger is available in the analog input of the GS-4VT, GS-4TSR, and GS-3AT module.
• Detecting method of the Level (*)
Condition: Rising or Falling (signal is passed through the threshold)
Combination: OR or AND
Dustproof and waterproof IP54 compatible (*)
* It is effective only in the condition that the input module is set to the GL100 and then the covers of connector and battery are closed. It is recommended to replace the packing of cover in periodically.
Power source • Alkaline battery (AA size x 2)
• USB bus-power (5V, 200 mA) (*)
* When AC adapter for USB device is used, the required power capacity is 5V, 1A. Battery and AC adapter is not included.
Operating environment Temperature: -10 °C to 50 °C
Humidity: up to 80 % RH (non condensed)
External dimension [W x D x H] Approx. 66 x 100 x 27 mm (exclude protrusion)
Weight GL100-N: Approx. 125 g, GL100-WL: Approx. 130
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