• Modular

  • Supports a variety of measurements by exchanging the input module

  • PC and smart mobile device software available

  • Industry-specific software: agriculture, logistics, power

  • Wireless access for GL100-WL model

  • self-triggering data acquisition

  • Built-in memory ~4.9MB

  • microSD memory card port

External Dimensions: 2.59" x 3.93" x 1.06"   Weight: ~4.58 oz  Built-in memory ~4.9MB and a microSD memory card port
Power Source: Battery (AA x2), USB bus-power (micro USB connector)

The GL100 data logger is compact, modular, available with wireless LAN and ability to trigger your controller in maintaining CO2, temperature, humidity and oxygen with accurate data logging.

PC and smart mobile device software available--with industry-specific software: agriculture, logistics, power. 

Applications Benefiting from the GL100:

  • Monitor and track agriculture

  • Monitor greenhouse and hydroponics

  • Monitor and Test electrical appliance and office equipment

  • Food processing

Note: The GL100-WL uses radio waves in the 2.4GHz band. It may interfere with other devices that use radio waves in the same frequency band. Some actions are required to avoid radio interference when necessary. This equipment can be used in the USA, Canada, EU, and Japan by the regulations of the Wireless Telegraphy Act.



The captured data is able to save to the built-in memory or the microSD memory card. It has sufficient capacity of data.

DATA CAPTURING TIME: Using with Temp/Humidity sensor (GS-TH) by 1 minute sampling interval.

Destination Capturing time
Built-in memory (approx. 4.9 MB) Approx. 254 days
microSD memory card Over 2 years



GL100 can be operated with batteries or USB bus-power.  The power of the GL100 is automatically switched between the battery and the USB bus-power.

Condition Operating time
When saving data to the built-in memory with WLAN disabled Approx. 2 weeks

BATTERY OPERATING TIME: Using with Temp./Humidity sensor (GS-TH), 1 minute sampling interval, Alkaline battery (AA size x 2). The microSD memory card is not installed.

  • The operating time varies by the environmental condition.

  • USB power source will be required for Voltage/Temp. (GS-4VT) and CO2 sensor (GS-CO2).


Recommended power source for each combination of modules are listed below

Measurement items Input module Built-in Alkaline Battery USB Cable Connection
Temp. & Humidity GS-TH B A
Acceleration & Temp. GS-3AT B A
4ch, Voltage or Temp GS-4VT C A
4ch, Temp. (Thermistor) GS-4TSR B A
Illuminance & UV GS-LXUV B A
Carbon dioxide (CO2) GS-CO2 D A
AC Current & Power GS-DPA-AC B A
Temp./Humidity + CO2 GS-DPA(*1) + GS-TH + GS-CO2 B A
Temp./Humidity + Illuminance/UV GS-DPA(*1) + GS-TH + GS-LXUV B A
CO2 + Illuminance/UV GS-DPA(*1) + GS-CO2 + GS-LXUV D A

* : The GS-DPA listed is a measurement that uses the branch adapter for GS.

A: Full operation

B: This works on alkaline batteries.

C: This works on alkaline batteries, but power consumption is relatively high, the operating time will be shorter.

D: Cannot be used as a power source


DC current consumption is as follows.  When driving in the batteries, use as a reference of battery consumption.

GL100 Recommended Power Sources For Each Combination of Modules.png

* The above value is the average value of the body + sensor.

* There is no change in consumption current by the sampling rate.

* The consumption current increases up to about 20 mA while accessing the SD card.

* When the CO2 sensor is used, the consumption current increases periodically (about two-second intervals) about 500 mA.


Recommended power source for the sensor module

Measurement items Input module Driven by battery (*2) Powered by USB (*4)
Temp. & Humidity GS-TH Available Available
Acceleration & Temp. GS-3AT Available Available
4ch, Voltage or Temp GS-4VT (*3) Available
4ch, Temp. (Thermistor) GS-4TSR Available Available
Illuminance & UV GS-LXUV Available Available
Carbon dioxide (CO2) GS-CO2 N/A Available
AC Current & Power GS-DPA-AC Available Available
Temp./Humidity + CO2 GS-DPA(*1) + GS-TH + GS-CO2 N/A Available
Temp./Humidity + Illuminance/UV GS-DPA(*1) + GS-TH + GS-LXUV Available Available
CO2 + Illuminance/UV GS-DPA(*1) + GS-CO2 + GS-LXUV N/A Available


*1: GS-DPA (Dual Port Adapter) is used for connecting two sensors.

*2: When GL100 is driven by the USB bus-power, power is automatically switched to battery after USB bus-power is down. If the capacity of the battery is low, the power of GL100 may be turned off. The battery is able to use as an auxiliary power of a power failure of the USB bus-power. In this case, it is recommended to install new battery to GL100.

*3: It is able to drive by battery. In this case, an operating time will be shorter because power consumption is relatively high.

*4: When AC adapter for the USB device is used, it is recommended to have power capacity of the 200mA except to use the GS-CO2 sensor. The power capacity of the 1A is required for using the GS-CO2 sensor.



Recording destination: internal memory (calculated by 4.9 MB)

Sampling: 30 sec. or 1 min.

Max. recording time = (Max. capacity / Record length) x Sampling interval

Setting Items Models Record length (Byte)

Max. Sampling 30 sec.

Max. Sampling 1 min.
Temp. & Humidity GS-TH 14 127 254
Acceleration & Temp. GS-3AT 12 148 297
4ch, Voltage or Temp GS-4VT 22 81 162
4ch, Temp. (Thermistor) GS-4TSR 38 46 93
Illuminance & UV GS-LXUV 16 111 223
Carbon dioxide (CO2) GS-CO2 6 297 594
AC Current & Power GS-DPA-AC 20 89 178
Temp./Humidity + CO2 GS-TH+GS-CO2 16 111 223
Temp./Humidity + Illuminance/UV GS-TH+GS-LXUV 18 68 137
CO2 + Illuminance/UV GS-CO2+GS-LXUV 26 99 198


The GL100-WL is able to transferring email and receiving email. The warning and other messages are transferred from the GL100-WL. The command of simple control for the GL100-WL can be received.  You do not need to sensitive for the measured values at all times because you are able to have the better understanding of the situation by receiving email from the GL100.

  • Warning message for the captured data (When the alarm occurs, message is sent via email.)

  • Summary data (Sending summary data in specified period that are the current value, value of maximum, minimum, and average.)

  • Low battery warning (If the level of dry cell is low, message is sent.)

  • Confirmation of setting change (When the settings has been changed, message is sent.)


You can change simple setting using the software for the smart drive. The simple setting is the start/stop, sampling and alarm. (The setting change commands are transferred using the email function.).

  • Setting of capture condition in the GL100 can be changed by receiving command by email.

  • Setting change may be delayed. It varies by condition of communication for the email.




The typical applications using the GL100 series are the following. GL100 series can be used for a variety of purposes in a wide variety of applications.



Industry: Electrical, Utilities, Manufacturing

Business sector: Maintenance, Inspection

Recommended model: GL100-WL/N

Description: Monitor the power of high power equipment for maintenance and saving energy.  In In this example, the power of the air conditioner of building is monitors in offline. History of the amount of power is checked periodically




Industry: Transportation

Business sector: Quality management

Recommended model: GL100-WL/N

Description: Confirm the vibration of the cargo. Safety measurements through monitoring the vibration of the transport vehicles can be vital to heavy-industrial and vibration sensitive equipment.  In In this example, the acceleration on cargo bed of the track is measured. The data is checked in office or warehouse. The time and value that acceleration exceeds the threshold are displayed in the list.




Industry: Argiculture

Business sector: Management

Recommended model: GL100-WL

Description: Monitor the vital indicators for healthy plant growth. Creates the best conditions applied for growth, flowering, and fruiting using temperature accumulation and optimal growth environment analysis.

In In this example, the Temperature, Humidity, Carbon dioxide (CO2), Illuminance, and UV are measured for it. When alarm is occurred, the warning message is transferred via email.




Industry: Heavy machine, Heavy equipment

Business sector: Service, Support

Recommended model: GL100-WL

Description: Monitor the operating condition of the equipment located in many place at one place. It makes shorter time to find the problem, and then service technician will be able to take action at an earlier time.

Note: Assign a static global IP to router of each location using a cellular Gateway modem.  DDNS service can be applied.

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