Nov, 2017

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Graphtec America is proud to announce the new high speed, high voltage GL980 datalogger > Click to learn more.  The 8ch GL980 offers isolated, analog inputs that are individually configurable for 500VDC, 250 Vrms, or temperature inputs. Simultaneous sampling speeds of 1MS/sec across all 8 channels are achieved with 4 digital inputs to 100kHz, 4GB on board memory with USB and SD memory card support built in. With robust triggering, alarms, EU scaling all in a portable package that can run on standalone batteries with a 7” color display or with host PC, the GL980 is built to provide you versatility for numerous applications.


July, 2017

GRAPHTEC GL240 GL840 Product Brief Newsletter Press Release


᛫ Quick Plug System for: 4-20mA Application, Logic/Pulse Input, 0-10VDC Sensor Application, Strain Gauge Measurement
᛫ Offers GLET Box Solution for GL900 High-Voltage, High-Speed Data Loggers with BNC Connection.

Graphtec is now partnering with Althen Sensors & Control Corporation to offer easy plug-in capability for 4-20mA current loop, logic and pulse signals, and strain gauge bridge amplifiers on all GL portable datalogger series. Sampling speed is variant upon the speed of the main unit GL instrument.

For applications monitoring 4-20mA inputs, GLET-IU-BA2-BA4 adapter connectors with up to 4 channel inputs offer a quick plug-and-play scenario where 4-20mA process signals can now be measured and monitored using the GL240 and GL840 datalogging system. The banana plug-in capability is also available on GL900 high speed datalogger.

Logic and pulse inputs can also be measured using a quick plug-in system using the GLET-B513-KA-BA4 (-REL) as an active or passive module enclosure. Active version will offer supply voltage for alarm mechanism for up to 24VDC to power LED alarms and buzzers.

Analog sensors requiring power supplies can now be powered using the GLET-SU2K-BA2/B-514-BI5 using standard power supply to the GL dataloggers. Standard excitation of up to 18VDC/50mA can be supplied to various transducers and sensors.

GLET-SG2K-BA2-BI7 offers excitation bridge amplifier for load cells and strain gauges with up to 3mV/V sensitivity with 5VDC/15mA per channel excitation for max 2 channel measurement. Sampling speed will be limited to the speed of the GL240/ GL840 main unit instrument.

All GLET boxes will require 5-6 week lead time and custom build.


Contact for more information or you can find us at:

July 2017 Press Release in pdf  (338 KB)  >> Download Now


July 21, 2017

Graphtec America, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Graphtec Corporation, is proud to announce the launch of a new website ( along with the launch of the GL7000 modular data acquisition platform and GLET box modular adaptors for the GL series portable instruments.*   Data Acquisition and Test Instruments can oftentimes add heavy loads to R&D and engineering cost due to their sophisticated software mechanisms as well as their hardware integration. Graphtec recognizes the engineers’ need for having a flexible and versatile system that meets the demand of the every-day testing as they go from one test site to another. Graphtec dataloggers and data platform eliminate these problems with a system that launches test applications quickly and cost-effectively.

GL7000 with modular style add-on amplifier was originally launched in 2016, and has been providing a versatile and flexible solution for the test instrumentation market.  With this set up, users can eliminate purchases of unnecessary amplifiers by focusing only on channel requirements that meet their basic test scenario.

“This way, cost can be significantly controlled as you work with your basic testing requirement and add on any amplifiers at a later time when scenarios change” says Ken T. Matsunaga, Senior Sales Manager for Graphtec Instruments Division. “ Portability and versatility are the key aspect of our company.  From field on-site testing to maintenance and service requirements, having a recording instrument at a palm of your hand becomes a vital aspect of monitoring and data logging. Eliminating the need for a PC software takes you away from the time it takes to download, measure, and analyze data. Graphtec can offer all of this as a one-stop solution for your testing requirement.”

New website will offer two new solutions for the GL portable series instruments – handy GLET Box Adaptors and Remote Monitoring Solution using Cellular Gateway System.  GLET boxes provide power supply solution using the power plug from the GL240/GL840s to excite power (max 18VDC/50mA) for proprietary transducers and sensors connected to the GL instruments.  They will also offer strain gauge solution for full bridge sensors above 300ohms (0-10V/±10V output) at max 2, 5, and 10mV/V resolution.  Quick connect adaptors for the logic/pulse signal will also be available through the GLET boxes. Remote monitoring solution for the cellular gateway system will be offered in conjunction with Sierra Wireless Airlink® RV50 and GX450** cellular routers. For those interested in monitoring temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, or speed data utilizing GL instruments’ networking capability, this remote monitoring solution will offer a secured remote connection to your dataloggers using proprietary cellular connection.  “The solution has already been launched to several utility and energy companies, and we are excited to announce this to the rest of the world.”


Contact for more information or you can find us at:

July 2017 Press Release in pdf  (251 KB)  >> Download Now

* GLET boxes are products offered from Althen GmbH Mess- and Sensortechnik.  **RV50 and GX450 is registered trademark from Sierra Wireless, Inc.



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