FC8600 Series


The FC8600 series is the flagship model of Graphtec America.  Known around the world for its high precision cutting, and build quality, the FC8600 is the ultimate finishing solution for the signage, apparel, and automotive markets.  Included Graphtec Pro Studio and Cutting Master 4 software provide all of the tools needed to create stunning print & cut signage, decals, apparel and more.  Utilizing the strength of the Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system (ARMS), and its 600g of down force, even the most challenging medias such as high intensity reflective are cleanly cut.


FC8600 series premiere cutting plotter providing higher productivity and greater ease of use

Fastest cutting speed in its class:

58.5 inches per second ( 4ft 10.46 in/s, 1,485 mm/s )  maximum cutting speed for the higher productivity.

Highest cutting force in its class:

5.88 N (600 gf) maximum cutting force for a wide variety of applications. Expands the range of
possible cutting media such as thick film.

Reliable long-length tracking:

Guaranteed 50 ft tracking and accuracy. (*1)
Includes basket and push rollers with 3 different pressure settings (*2) to provide a more stable media feed and to support a wider range of media.

*1. Operated with Graphtec specified media and conditions.
*2. The center push rollers have 3 pressure settings, the end push rollers have two pressure settings.

Five sizes to match all requirements:

The series includes cutting widths of 61 cm (24 in.) to 162 cm (64 in.).


1) Prismatic Grade Reflective Sheeting


2) PERF CUT Enabled High Performance Cutters Finish The Job

With its included perf cut enabled custom tool settings - you have the ability to perforate cut all the way through your pre printed vinyl media creating pop-out, full-color stickers and decals without damaging your blade or cutting plotter machine.

Blade position 1 is for contour kiss cutting of vinyl media. Blade position 3 allows the blade to cut all the way through the media into the channel without damaging the cutting strip and blade.

Perforation cutting is performed by controlling the cutting force instead of blade up/down movements, increasing throughput.  This is perfect for cutting separation lines for tearing out labels, fold lines for POP signs, and others.

Graphtec America Cutting-Plotter FC8600-Perf-Cut.jpg

3) Auto Mark Detection

The first registration mark is automatically detected within a wide search area; this eliminates the need to manually move the sensor near the registration mark position. Subsequent marks are automatically located which improves the operation of the registration mark searching.

FC8600 - img_auto_mark_detection1.jpg


A 4-point axis alignment is performed for each segmented area.

In Normal Mode, this is performed by reading the marks in the middle of the feeding direction for the entire graphic and then cutting the entire graphic, providing high-precision alignment for long length Print & Cut applications.
In the new Sequential Mode, contour cutting is performed sequentially in each segmented area. Media movement is limited to the smaller area being cut, improving accuracy and tracking for heavier media or media that has been laminated.

*  Normal mode is available when Graphtec Studio, Graphtec Pro Studio, Cutting Master 2/3/4, or Plotter Controller software is used.

*  Sequential mode is available when Graphtec Studio (ver. 2.1.200 or later) or Cutting Master 3 (ver. 2.1.211 or later) is used.

*  This function is available in firmware version 2.10 or later.



When the design is printed with the matrix copy function, the action of reading the marks and contour cutting is repeated for each copy. It significantly improve productivity for Print & Cut.

* This function is available when the Graphtec Studio, Graphtec Pro Studio, Cutting Master 2/3/4 software is used.


6) ISM (Intelligent Scan Mode) 

The ISM incorporates a new scanning algorithm that not only expands the cutting range of compatible media, but also reduces scan times and increases mark scanning success.  Registration marks are also detectable on colored media and textured media, such as glossy laminated materials that were difficult using the conventional method.

*  Media must be within the specification in range.  Marks may not be detected due to poor print quality or media surface.

*  This function is available in firmware version 2.10 or later.

Model FC8600-60 FC8600-75 FC8600-100 FC8600-130 FC8600-160
CPU 32-bit CPU
Configuration Grit rolling type
Drive method Digital servo drive
Max. cutting area (W x L) (*1)

2 ft x 164 ft

610 mm x 50 m

2 ft 6 in x 164 ft

762 mm x 50 m

3 ft 6 in x 164 ft

1067 mm x 50 m

4 ft 6 in x 164 ft

1372 mm x 50 m

5 ft 4 in x 164 ft

1626 mm x 50 m

Cutting area of guaranteed accuracy (*2) 23.23 in x 50 ft 29.21 in x 50 ft

41 in x 32 ft,

35.2 in x 50 ft

53 in x 32 ft,

35.2 in x 50 ft

63 in x 32 ft,

35.2 in x 50 ft

Mountable media width

Min. 1.97 in
Max. 30.31 in

Min. 1.97 in
Max. 36.22 in

Min. 1.97 in
Max. 48.19 in

Min. 1.97 in
Max. 60.20 in

Min. 1.97 in
Max. 72.83 in

Max. cross cut width 2 ft 4.9 in (734 mm) 2 ft 10 in (886 mm) 3 ft 10.88 in (1191 mm) 4 ft 10.9 in (1496 mm) 5 ft 8.9 in (1750 mm)
Number of push rollers 2 rollers 2 rollers 3 rollers 3 rollers 4 rollers
Max. cutting speed 4 ft 10.46 in/s (1485 mm/s) at 45° direction
Axial acceleration Max. 39.2 m/s2 (4 G) in 8 steps
Cutting force Max. 5.88 N (600 gf) in 48 steps
Mechanical resolution 0.005 mm
Programmable resolution GP-GL: 0.1 / 0.05 / 0.025 / 0.01 mm, HP-GL™: 0.025 mm
Distance accuracy (*2) Max. 0.1 mm or 0.1 % of plotted length
Repeatability (*2) Max. 0.1 mm in plot up to 2 m (excluding the expansion and contraction of the media)
Minimum character size Approx. 3 mm alphanumeric (varies depending on character font and media)
Mountable number of tools 1 tool (cutting blade, plotting pen or pouncing tool) in standard;
2 tools (cutting blade and plotting pen) when second penholder (optional) is installed
Blade types Supersteel (0.9 mm or 1.5 mm diameter)
Pen types Water-based fiber-tip pen, Oil-based ballpoint pen
Pouncing tool type Steel pin 1.2 mm diameter, required optional pouncing tool (PPA 33-TP12)
Media types (*3) Self-adhesive marking film (vinyl, fluorescent, reflective, high-intensity reflective film) up to 0.25 mm thick,
Sandblast resist rubber up to 1 mm thick
Compatible paper for pouncing Regular paper from 0.06 to 0.13 mm thick
Light pointer Built into the tool carriage
Cross-cutter Built into the tool carriage
Perforation cutting Supported (performed by force control)
Registration mark sensing system Scans the mark by optical sensor (ARMS5.0), Segment area and Multiple-mark compensation, 4-points axis alignment, Auto mark detect
Standard interface USB2.0 (High speed), RS-232C, and Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
Buffer memory 2 MB
Command sets GP-GL / HP-GL™ emulation (Set by menu or command, and selects from GP-GL, HP-GL™, or Auto select)
Condition settings Dual configuration (save two (2) user settings with eight (8) separate condition setting for each user)
Display Graphic type LCD (3-inch, backlight)
Power source 100 V to 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption Max. 160 VA
Operating environment 10 to 35 °C, 35 to 75 % R.H. (non-condensing)
Guaranteed accuracy environment 16 to 32 °C, 35 to 70 % R.H. (non-condensing)
External dimensions (W x D x H)

Approx. 44" x 28" x 48"

(1120 x 711 x 1219 mm)

Approx. 50" x 28" x 48"

(1270 x 711 x 1219 mm)

Approx. 61.8" x 28" x 48"

(1570 x 715 x 1219 mm)

Approx. 73.6" x 28" x 48"

(1870 x 711 x 1219 mm)

Approx. 84" x 28" x 48"

(2130 x 711 x 1219 mm)

Weight Approx. 38 kgs / 106 lbs
including stand
Approx. 52 kgs / 115 lbs
including stand
Approx. 60 kgs / 133 lbs
including stand
Approx. 68 kgs / 150 lbs
including stand
Approx. 73 kgs / 161 lbs
including stand
Included software (*4) Windows driver, Plotter controller, Graphtec Pro Studio (*5),
Cutting Master 4, Graphtec Studio for Mac
Compatible OS (*4) Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
Mac OS 10.7 to 10.12
Compatible Standards UL60950-1, cUL, CE mark (Low voltage and EMC), KC mark (Low voltage and EMC)
FCC-A, EN55022-A

*1. When the 2nd pen holder is installed, the maximum cutting width is changed. (FC8600-60: 601 mm, FC8600-75: 753 mm, FC8600-100: 1053 mm, FC8600-130: 1352 mm, FC8600-160: 1613 mm)

*2. Operated with Graphtec specified media and conditions. In long-length cutting, the basket is used.

*3. When some grades of high-intensity reflective film is used, the using CB15UA/CB15UA-K30 blade and reinforcing the backing sheet of the media are recommended.

*4. For more information about compatibility of the OS or application software, please check the Graphtec website or contact your local representative of Graphtec.

*5. The software can be used by downloading from Graphtec website.

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