FCX4000 Series


Graphtec FCX4000 Series achieves high quality cutting with improving of the quality and accuracy by enhancing rigidity of the sliding mechanism and the driving system.  It is the best flatbed type cutting plotter that has a high usability and productivity equipped with new functions.  Graphtec FCX4000 is an affordable cutting solution for small to medium print on demand jobs - using electrostatic to hold media.  The 60ES model cleanly fits four A3 + sheets for high productivity.  Operation is intuitive with its new control panel, 3.7” LCD screen, and USB / barcode functionality.  Max. Speed 29.5"/sec, Max. Force 600 gf.

Professional flatbed cutting plotters (in a more compact size) capable of processing various materials with accuracy compliant to most industry requirements for pattern making.  FCX4000 Series are the ideal cutting plotter for high-precision and medium-heavy material crafting jobs and is suitable for cutting intricate designs on vinyl, photo-masking films, foam material, cardboard, oil board, and sandblast resist rubber.  Suitable for PET (polyethylene terephthalate), Polyamide, Stiff paper, Cardboard, Microflute board or Industrial materials with precise adjustable cut pressure up to 600 gf.  Flatbed FCX4000 Series is the most economical solution for cutting thick, hard materials that cannot be fed through a roll-feed/friction-feed cutting plotter.

Graphtec FCX4000 Series come standard with a dual head configuration allowing pens, cutting tools, and creasing tools to be loaded simultaneously.  A new reverse creasing function allows alignment and creasing on the reverse side of the printed card stock to prevent traces of the creasing operation from appearing on the printed surface.  A simple function to create fold lines for clean folding on micro-flute and cardboard has been enabled.  Up to three fold lines can be selected.  If two or three fold lines have been selected, the spacing between the lines can also be specified. Repeated creasing operations can also be specified for each of the lines.

Cutting and creasing can be carried out from reverse-side when using the registration marks. This prevents crease line from appearing on the printed surface.  Graphtec FCX4000 Series are perfect for designers and prototyping in the offset printing, digital printing, packaging industry, fashion industry, as well as road sign making, stone & glass sandblasting/etching, the electronic film industry, and architectural model building.


Table size in the Line-up

2 different table size are available.  The effective cutting area of the 50ES model is expanded for supporting 2 sheets of A3+ size, and the 60ES model supports 4 sheets of A3+ size.  It is more suitable in the use of post-processing of Print On Demand.


Table Size: W 42.87" x D 35.31" x H 8.03"

Effective Cutting Area: W 25.98" x H 19.21"


FCX4000-60ES (stand optional)

Table Size: W 55.31" x D 42.08" x H 8.03" (w/o stand)

Effective Cutting Area: W 38.4" x H 25.9"


Stronger Media Hold-Down

Holds media by electrostatic that is generated by electrodes arranged inside the panel. This method is suitable for cutting light weight materials.

Provided tools suitable for many applications

The FCX4000 series has 2 tool holder in the carriage.  Using 2 different tools in the same job increases work efficiency. 

Intuitive operation with 3.7" LCD

Settings can be easily set using the large 3.7-inch LCD (240 x 128 dots).


USB Offline Operation

Offline operation supported by use of USB flash memory

Cut and plot data is created with Cutting Master 4 or Graphtec Pro Studio. That saved data may be transferred to a USB flash memory and the cut plot data file can be selected from the USB on the FCX4000 using its menu operations. This simplified work-flow enables users to operate without being connected to the computer.

Data management using bar-code function with USB flash memory

When performing contour cutting, also known as “Print & Cut”, the cutting data is automatically selected from the prepared USB flash memory. The FCX4000 scans the bar code printed on the media then automatically performs the contour cutting job. This emerging method helps to prevent operator error of using incorrect data - thus improving workflow efficiency.


Expanded Contour Cutting Area

This included function expands the print and cut area to include objects outside of the registration marks! Production efficiency is enhanced and media waste is reduced.

Supports Standard Crop Marks

Contour cutting pre-printed media is also possible using “standard crop marks.” This operation is available with the included Cutting Master 4 plug-in workflow.

Reversed Color Registration Marks

Registraiton marks are detectable when there is sufficient contrast against the mark and its background. Ultra glossy and reflective media offer challenges for accurate registration mark detection. With this reversed color output, the sufficient contrast is brought back for the ability to contour cut pre-printed ultra glossy and reflecting sheeting.

Media Type

Type of media Thickness Support cutting blade FCX4000-50/60ES
Self-adhesive marking film (vinyl, fluorescent, reflective) up to 0.25 mm CB09UB
Heavy paper/board (pattern paper, oil board) up to 0.5 mm CB15U、
up to 1.0 mm CB30UC -
Compressed foam sheet up to 0.8 mm CB15U-K30
Sandblast resist rubber up to 1.0 mm CB15U-K20
Cardboard E flute up to 1.5 mm CB30UC -
F / G flute up to 1.2 mm CB30UC -
Rubber sheet up to 1~2 mm PM-CB-001 -
Clear sheet for plastic boxes
up to 0.5 mm CB15U
up to 1.0 mm CB15U-K30
High-intensity reflective film up to 0.5 mm CB15UA
up to 1.0 mm CB15UA-K30
Item FCX4000-50ES FCX4000-60ES (stand optional)
Configuration Digital servo system, Flatbed
Media hold-down method Electrostatic panel
Effective cutting area W 25.98" x H 19.21" W 38.4" x H 25.9"
Mountable media
(Y-axis direction)
21.10" 27.97"
Maximum cutting speed 29.5"/s (1 to 75 cm/s in 23 steps)
Cutting pressure Tool 1: Max. 5.88 N (600 gf)
Tool 2: Max. 5.88 N (600 gf)
Cutting force settings Tool 1: in 48 steps, Tool 2: in 48 steps
Minimum character size Approx. 10 mm square (varies with character font and media)
Mechanical resolution 0.005 mm (5µm)
Programmable resolution GP-GL mode: 0.1/0.05/0.025/0.01 mm,
HP-GL™ (*1) : 0.025 mm
Distance accuracy Max.0.2% of the distance moved or 0.1mm, whichever is larger
(excluding contraction of media, in plotting/cutting mode) (*2)
Perpendicularity Max 0.3 mm / 16.93"
(excluding contraction of media, in plotting/cutting mode)
Max 0.4 mm / 24.01"
(excluding contraction of media, in plotting/cutting mode)
Repeatability Max 0.1mm (excluding contraction of media, in plotting/cutting mode) (*2)
Standard interfaces USB2.0 (Full Speed) / RS-232C / Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
Buffer memory 2MB
Command sets GP-GL / HP-GL™ / AUTO (Automatic switching in GP-GL and HP-GL™)
Number of tools 2 tools
Cutter blade, pen, and tool types Cutter blade: supersteel
Pen: water-based fiber-tip pen
Creasing/scoring tool
Operating panel 3.7-inch graphical LCD (same LCD as the FCX2000)
New features Dual configuration, Creasing in the curve, Perforation cutting (performed by the force control), Data management using the bar-code, Offline cutting operation using the USB memory, Display the degree of wear for the cutting blade, Confirming the cutting object size, Draft mode (higher throughput in arc)
Power supply 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz (Auto switching)
Power consumption Max. 120 VA
Operating environment Temperature: 10 to 35 degree C ,
Humidity: 35 to 75% RH (non-condensing)
Guaranteed accuracy environment Temperature: 16 to 32 degree C,
Humidity: 35% to 70% RH (non-condensing)
External dimensions (*3)
(W x D x H)
W 42.87" x D 35.31" x H 8.03" W 55.31" x D 42.08" x H 8.03"
(including stand : W 55.31" x D 43.18" x H 35.27")
Weight approx. 63.93 lbs (29kg) approx. 83.77 lbs (38 kg)
(including stand 121.25 lbs (55 kg)
Compatible OS (*4)(*5) Windows 10 (Home / Pro / Enterprise / Education)
Windows 8.1 (Windows 8.1 / Pro / Enterprise)
Windows 8 (Windows 8 / Pro / Enterprise)
Windows 7 (Ultimate / Enterprise / Professional / Home Premium)
Mac OS X 10.7 - 10.14
Supported software Cutting Master 4, Graphtec Pro Studio, Graphtec Studio for Mac, Windows Driver
Safety UL/cUL, CE mark
EMC VCCI Class A, FCC Class A, CE mark (EN55032, others)

*1. HP-GL™ is registered trademark of the Hewlett-Packard Corporation of the United States.

*2. When operated with Graphtec specified media and conditions.

*3. Tolerance: +/- 5 mm

*4. Graphtec does not support software/driver used with operating systems that have become obsolete and are no longer supported by the OS developer.

*5. For more information about Windows and Macintosh compatibility, please check the website or contact with your local representative of Graphte

FCX4000-50ES External Dimensions

Flatbed Cutter, Flatbed Cutting Plotter, Flatbed Packaging Cutter Graphtec FCX4000-50

Scale : mm.  Tolerance : +/- 5 mm

FCX4000-60ES External Dimensions no Stand

Flatbed Cutter, Flatbed Cutting Plotter, Flatbed Packaging Cutter Graphtec FCX4000-60

Scale : mm.  Tolerance : +/- 5 mm


Standard Accessories

Item Q'ty Description
Power cord 1 pc. The type of cord is different by destination
Cutting blade holder 1 pc. PHP33-CB15N-HS
Cutting blade 1 pc. CB15U-1 (1 pc/pack)
Loupe 1 pc. PM-CT-001 (for checking the extruded length of blade)
Pen holder 1 pc. PHP31-FIBER
Water-based fiber-tip pen 1 pc. KF700-BK (Black)
Protect sheet 1 pc. PM-CR-002 for FCX4000-50ES / PM-CR-003 for FCX4000-60ES
USB cable 1 pc. Length 114" (2.9 m)
DVD-ROM 1 set ・User's manual (PDF)
・Windows driver (OPS662)
・Cutting Master 4 (plug-in software for Illustrator/CorelDRAW in Windows, Illustrator in Mac)
・Graphtec Pro Studio (design software for Windows)
・Graphtec STUDIO (Design software for Mac)
Printed documents 1 set Quick guide, Usage Precautions,Cutter Blade Manual


Item Model Name Description
Cutting blade holder PHP33-CB09N-HS For CB09U series blade
PHP33-CB15N-HS For CB15U series blade
PHP35-CB09-HS For CB09U series blade
PHP35-CB15-HS For CB15U series blade
Cutting blade CB09UB-5 0.9mm dia. 45º, Supersteel Self-adhesive marking film (vinyl, fluorescent, refractive), thin sheet, up to 0.25 mm thick.
CB15U-5 1.5mm dia. 45º, Supersteel Rigid or thick film or sheet, heavy paper (pattern paper, oil board), 0.25 mm to 0.5 mm thick.
CB15U-K30-5 1.5mm dia. 30º, Supersteel Rigid or thick sheet, 0.25 mm to 0.5 mm thick.
And also small detailed characters on marking film (up to 0.25 mm thick).
CB15U-K20-2SP 1.5mm dia. 20º, Supersteel Sandblast resist rubber, up to 1.0 mm thick.
CB15UA-5 1.5mm dia. 45º, Supersteel High-intensity reflective film or harder film, up to 0.5 mm thick.
CB15UA-K30-5 1.5mm dia. 30º, Supersteel High-intensity reflective film or harder film, up to 1.0 mm thick.
Loupe PM-CT-001 Checking blade length, for PHP33 and PHP35 series
Creasing / Scoring tool CP-001 Stick type, for heavy paper
PM-CT-002 Ball on tip of stick, for curve on heavy paper
Fiber-tip pen, pen holder KF700-BK Water-based fiber-tip pen, Black
KF700-RD Water-based fiber-tip pen, Red
PHP31-FIBER Pen holder for KF700 series pen
Adhesive sheet,
Cling mat
CM-0003-R1A Adhesive sheet, supplying in roll,
size 545 mm x 20 m
CM-0004 Cling mat for film based materials,
size 435 x 610 mm
CM-0005 Cling mat for paper based materials,
size 435 x 610 mm
PM-CM-001 Cling mat for film based type material,
size 660 mm x 488 mm
PM-CM-002 Cling mat for paper based type material,
size 660 mm x 488 mm
Protect Sheet PM-CR-002 For protecting the writing panel of FCX4000-50ES,
Transparent vinyl, thickness 0.3 mm
PM-CR-003 For protecting the writing panel of FCX4000-60ES,
Transparent vinyl, thickness 0.3 mm


Vinyl Cutting Blade For Vinyl Media Cutter CB09UB



Vinyl Cutting Blade For Vinyl Thick Media Cutter CB15U



Vinyl Cutting Blade For Vinyl Media Cutter CB09UB


CB15U-K30  (USA 60° Japan 30°)

Vinyl Cutting Blade For High Intensity Reflective Film Cutter CB15UA



Vinyl Cutting Blade For High Intensity Reflective Film Cutter CB15U-K30


CB15U-K30 (USA 60° Japan 30°)

Flatbed Vinyl Cutter Cutting Plotter Water Based Fiber Tip Pen Black Red KF700-BK

KF700-BK Water-based fiber-tip pen, black

KF700-RD Water-based fiber-tip pen, red

Graphtec-FCX4000-Fiber+Pen+PHP31-FIBER.pngFlatbed Vinyl Cutter Cutting Plotter Water Based Fiber Tip Pen Holder Black Red KF700

PHP31-FIBER pen holder for KF700 Series pen


Blade Holders

Vinyl Cutter Cutting Plotter Blade Holder PHP33-CB09N-HS

PHP33-CB09N-HS for CB09U Series Blade

Vinyl Cutter Cutting Plotter Blade Holder PHP33-CB15N-HS

PHP33-CB15N-HS for CB15U Series Blade

Vinyl Cutter Cutting Plotter Blade Holder PHP35-CB09-HS

PHP35-CB09-HS for CB09U Series Blade

Vinyl Cutter Cutting Plotter Blade Holder PHP35-CB15-HS

PHP35-CB15-HS for CB15U Series Blade

Creasing Tools

Vinyl Cutter Flatbed Cutting Plotter Creasing Tool PM-CT-002



Vinyl Cutter Flatbed Cutting Plotter Creasing Tool CP-001



Vinyl Cutter Flatbed Cutting Plotter Loupe Check Blade Length PM-CT-001

Loupe PM-CT-001 for checking blade length, for PHP33 and PHP35 Series


Looking for quality vinyl cutter machine for commercial, intermedia or entry level, Graphtec can help your vinyl cutting process become easier and improve productivity. Graphtec globally manufactures hight quality vinyl cutter machines. With years of experience in plot cutter, Graphtec is industry leader in desktop vinyl cutter, desktop vinyl cutter machine, sticker cutter, sticker cutter machine, sticker cutting machine. Graphtec is trusted by world renowned organizations around the world, our cut plotter precisely cut vinyl sheet and cut vinyl roll. If you are looking for the high quality vinyl roll feed cutters, Graphtec specialists are onsite to provide you guidelines on how to choose roll feed cutter machine or flatbed cutter machine to suit your production needs, we have you covered!

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