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GL840-WV monitors battery voltage, temp vibration, room humidity, and current


Maximum cell voltage up to 110V on GL840-WV

Battery Research & Development for consumer and industrial use is on the rise. Standards for battery safety testing has increased the need for test equipment that can be used to perform various test profiles simultaneously such as voltage and temperature. Standards for battery and other energy-storage devices include UN/DOT 38.3, IEC 62133, and UL 2054. These requirements help ensure the safe transport & operation of batteries. To comply, companies are required to document test results based on a variety of test parameters such as voltage, thermal, vibration, shock, pressure, humidity and so on. 

Typically, batteries are subjected to test sequences that can include life cycle testing, discontinuity testing and storage life testing to name a few. The Graphtec GL840 multichannel data logger offers isolated channel measurements to help ensure safe measurements when measuring cell stacks. The GL840 series offers a direct input up to 110V with varying channel isolation ratings depending on model. The channel to channel isolation offered in the GL840-WV is 600V while the model GL840-M has channel to channel isolation of 60V. The GL840-WV is also the more accurate model. 

The GL840-M and GL840-WV offer direct sensor inputs using optional sensors for humidity, 0-100%RH (B-530) and tri-axial acceleration up to 10G (GS-3AT).

Key features implementing GL840-WV for battery monitoring application


  • Differential Input allows stacked voltage cell monitoring for voltage testing.

  • Monitor and log Temp (T/C) for overcharges.

  • mA/A Current Measurement available with current probes/transducers.

  • DIN Rail mountable. (Mount option B-570).

  • Expandable Up to 200 Channels.


Input Specification for GL840-WV (B-565) and GL840-M (B-564)


B-530 Humidity Sensor

B-530 Humidity Sensor

GS-3AT Accelerometer

GS-3AT Accelerometer


GL840-WV (High Voltage) Model

High Voltage + High Accuracy

suitable for high voltage batteries (0-600V)

Graphtec GL840-WV

< A. Between +/–terminals > 

Maximum input voltage : 60Vp-p (Range of 20mV to 2V) and 110Vp-p (Range of 5V to 100V) 


< B. Between input terminal/input terminal>  

Maximum input voltage : 600Vp-p 


< C. Between input terminal/GND > 

Maximum input voltage : 300Vp-p 

Withstand voltage : 2300VACrms at 1 minute


GL840-M (Standard) Model

Low Voltage + Low Cost

suitable for low voltage batteries (0-60V)

Graphtec GL840-M

< A. Between +/–terminals > 

Maximum input voltage : 60Vp-p (Range of 20mV to 2V) and 110Vp-p (Range of 5V to 100V) 


< B. Between input terminal/input terminal>  

Maximum input voltage : 60Vp-p

Withstand Voltage:  350Vp-p at 1 minute


< C. Between input terminal/GND > 

Maximum input voltage: 60Vp-p 

Withstand voltage : 350VACrms at 1 minute


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