Graphtec America, Inc. (formerly of Western Graphtec, Inc.) has the replacement vehicles for your linear chart recorders that are outdated and proven to be costly due to the high cost for consumables.  The premier military-grade linear chart recorders provided precision recording for electrical signals on thermal and non-thermal papers.  The parts and maintenance are still available, however, the support period for the legacy chart recorders are coming to an end, and we recommend replacing them with our digital standalone datalogger solution.


The changeover is a simple two-step process using our versatile GL series standalone dataloggers.  Simply, record data on the datalogger. Access the data using our free APS software and print selected data sets from your computer to your designated printer.  Digital conversion allows a more flexible approach where you can choose and highlight your target records within seconds. Point-to-point analysis of digital data also gives you exact timing and precision for the recorded data to decimal point accuracy.


Compare your requirements for chart recorders and see how Graphtec’s new GL solutions can meet your test requirements.

Chart Recorder Replacement.png
Test Requirements The Chart Recorder Solution Standalone GL Dataloggers
Paper Record Real Time Analog Thermal Paper Real time monitoring on the digital display Recorded data can be printed out from the APS software.
Review while recording Simply look at paper after being print out. Review on the standalone display with ability to adjust span and width.
Plot And Compare Against Standardized Data Reference paper give comparison chart to gauge margin of error. Set your standard thresholds using the alarm feature. Set XY Overwrite feature to give you watermark chart for gauging margin of error.
Engineering units scaling Manually calculate your scaling by counting X and Y-axis values. Scaling is done automatically using a linear conversion for each channels requiring engineering scaling.
Accurate Timing Measurements Review timing intervals based on X-axis information manually Offers absolute and variable timing information with sampling interval up to 1MS/s (1MHz).
Data Archiving Accumulation of hard copy paper Windows files that can be sorted by date, time stamp And backed up to a designated file server.
Consumables Pens, chart papers, inks. None.
Maintenance Cost Mechanical parts require high cost of maintenance. Consistent replacement of pen motors and amplifiers. Annual calibration for digital equipment and adjustment only.
Portability Heavy equipment requiring 19’’ rack or print sorters and carriers. Standalone portability with battery operation allows flexible and versatile recording features.
Standalone recording Paper-based recording requiring constant viewing and monitoring GL series carries push button recording feature where you can maneuver all test requirement on site.
Key Features in implementing GL Series Datalogger as a replacement to your chart recorder

• Take away your reliance on consumables

• Precision Data Analysis using digital data

• Monitor signal data more accurately with digital timing intervals up to 1MS/s

• Portability and Versatility

Sample Recording Data using the GL980 Data Logger at 100msec Sampling Interval

·    Offers plot by plot representation of the recorded data on sample data.

·    Data references pressure data recorded to scale on a 100msec interval.

For more information on the support period for the legacy Graphtec product, CLICK HERE  >>   to download in pdf


For repair and maintenance on your legacy WR recorders, please contact Instrument Support staff at:   TEL:  949-860-4175


For inquiry regarding supply of pens and paper, please contact Instrument Sales staff at:    TEL:  949-860-4186


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