Product qualification in the automotive sector involves strenuous testing of physical measurement in building various components and electronics.  Graphtec’s dataloggers and data platform help accelerate the testing and development cycle by offering versatile solution that meets the need of ever-increasing demand for accelerated and well-tested product rollout.  Standalone hand-held configuration offers up-to-the-second capability in recording various trouble-shooting scenarios and puts the power of testing at the palm of your hand.  There is no need for a PC to configure, and you can measure multiple signals in one data recorder to analyze historical trend along with dynamic signals.

Graphtec system does not require extended programming capability and is user-friendly for any engineers to get both dynamic and slow-running test data in both in-vehicle and lab-oriented testing requirements.  Find out more real-world test case scenarios in the application images below.




Portable configuration of Graphtec Dataloggers puts data acquisition and signal analysis at the palm of your hand with time-stamp view of the real-world signal.


Physical sensors with linear voltage output (or 4-20mA loop) can be displayed individually with its original unit of measurement.


Forget about spending weeks and months for setting up Automated Test System (ATE) to configure the next scenario.  Build your test criteria within minutes.


  • Reliability/Life Cycle Testing

  • Component Testing

  • Environmental Chamber Monitoring

  • Quality Test and Inspection

  • Laboratory Instrumentation

  • In-Vehicle Drive Testing

  • Stress/Strain Measurement

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Environmental Testing

  • Life Cycle Stress Testing

  • Mechanical/Production Testing

  • Engine/Emission Testing

  • Aerodynamic and Wind Tunnel Testing

  • Discontinuity Testing

  • ATE Alternative Logging

  • Integrated Systems Testing

  • Thermal Performance Checks

  • Durability Testing

  • Battery Cell Monitoring



Lithium Battery Development for Cells and Sensor ECU

AP0046_Application Images.jpg

Monitors the battery voltage levels and Sensor ECU for life cycle stress testing

Strain Measurement for Electric Slide Doors

AP0050 GL7000 automotive.png

Measure strain gauges directly to the GL7-DCB module with the internal bridge amplifier for material strain and movements.

Life cycle stress testing for Switching Equipment

Switch mechanisms in automotive components requires reliability and stability as part of the human interfaces. GL7000 records On-Off square waves at fast sampling speed for a long term discontinuity and life cycle testing.

Measuring Thermal and Electrical Levels for Automotive Batteries

Monitor and record thermal and electrical performances for Lithium Ion batteries as well as inrush currents for start-up sequences.

Strain Measurement for Car Windshield

AP0072 GL7000 automotive.png

Various materials are coated and adhered to the windshield. Measure the distortion of the glass and check the holding strength of the coating or adhesion.

Muffler Testing

Measure the pipe vibration, gas pressure / pulsation, etc. in mufflers for the motorcycle and test the performance of the muffler.

Performance Testing for Gaskets

AP0277 GL7000 machinery.png

Measure gasket strain, applied pressure, and temperature to test gasket capability.

Life Cycle Stress Testing for Vehicle Components

Record measurements of various tests completed by each team handling bench testing for individual components.  GL7000 offers affordable solution for each testers to hold its own testing scenarios.

Long Term Wheel/Rim Durability Testing

AP0279 GL7000 transportation.png

Measure the temperature and strain to determine it's durability through strenuous test conditions.

Testing Battery Performances Based on Scenarios

Monitor the charge and discharge capability of the electric batteries while at drive and at stops.

Durability testing for 3-axis Vibration and Temp Analysis

Automotive components that goes through severe environment needs to be tested for their durability for vibration and temperature.  GL7000 monitors these variables with long term measurement capability.

Analog Voltage Measurement for Inverter Units

Typical inverter units used in various application can require minute testing for startup sequences, current draw, and voltage stability performances.  GL7000 measures this and gives you recorded data for quick analysis for dynamic AC and DC voltage applications.

Electric Vehicle Motor Function Testing

Measure the ability of the motor and the status of its control mechanism.

Strain Measurement for Car Windshield

Various things are coated and adhered to the windshield. Measure the distortion of the glass and check the holding strength of the coating or adhesion.

Performance Testing for Gaskets

Measure gasket strain, applied pressure, and temperature to test gasket capability.


Development Testing for Fuel Injection System

Dynamic sampling recording for various measurements on fuel injection system can be done with relative ease for life cycle testing and stress testing.

Fatigue Testing for Differential Gear Box for Torque and RPM Measurement

AP0097 GL980 automotive.png

Monitor the torque and RPM information from the differential gear set in a pint-pointed approach using the GL980

Environmental monitoring using GL980 for Test Course Circuit

AP0099 GL980 environmental.png

Environmental test condition in test circuit can be measured using the GL980 to monitor and indicate various environmental factors on the road (barometric pressure, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and rain fall amount).

Monitor Test Stands for Solenoids

AP0101 GL980 solenoid.png

Validate the relativity between stroke and thrust force on a solenoid using the X-Y display feature of the GL980.

Life Cycle Stress Testing for Steering Shafts

Various factors of steering shaft including torque measurement and angle measurements can be recorded for long term using the high speed datalogger at 10 samples a second or faster intervals.

Performance Evaluation for Automotive Wipers During Field Testing

Control signal, angle sensor, motor temperature can be recorded while the wipers are in action on the road during test drives. 

Evaluation for Car Seat Performance

Performance variables for car seat including weight scale and displacement can be monitored using the XY display and print feature on the GL980.

Airbag Deployment Testing

Determine the airbag timing signal using a trigger-based recording on a dynamic interval at 1MS/s or 500KS/s to record how long it takes for the airbags to deploy.

Measure Output Characteristics from Brake Testers

AP0163 GL980 automotive.png

Record the output signal of brake tester with live XY display on PC.

Engine Torque and RPM

Measure Torque and RPM by pairing the GL980 with an F/V converter.

Physical Measurement of Gear Development

AP0167 GL980 automotive.png

Monitor oil temperature, vibration, RPM, and torque using the GL980 for in-depth real world measurement of Gear development.

Pulse Related Measurements

Measure torque, dynamic and slow RPM (pulse), and temperature all at the same time using the GL980 datalogger.

Field Test Monitoring on the Road using GL980

Field testing can be easily measured using DC power from a 12V battery to power the GL980 and monitor signals such as speed and RPM.


Portable Testing Tool for OEM and Vehicle Component Manufacturers

Individual testing engineers for various components at Automotive OEMs and vehicle component manufacturers can utilize the portable GL840 to measure their own individual recordings to evaluate the performance of their components reducing cost of large-scale automated testing equipment and downtime from limited usages of large-scale test equipment.

Performance Variables for Stress Testing using Dynamometers

AP0258 GL840 environmental testing.png

Quick testing platform using the GL840 can provide temperature and humidity data for testing criteria during a all-weather chassis vehicle dynamometer testing.

Temperature Measurement of Construction Machinery

Monitor the engine RPM, oil temperature, water temperature, and various temperature of components within construction equipment by railing the GL840 onto the vehicle using DIN rail mount, and send data to the PC via wireless LAN.

Precise Measurement of Interior Temperatures of Vehicle

Measure the temperature in the onboard interior area of the car and check the indoor environment.

Temperature Testing for Automotive Components Development

Automotive OEM manufacturers can set a GL840 for each testing division for monitoring multiple channels in securing operational requirement for temperature on automotive components.

Environmental Life Cycle Stress Testing

AP0084 GL840 automotive.png

Portable configuration of the GL840 can offer versatile and on-site testing for temp and humidity using for all weather chassis dynamometer testing.   

Stress Testing for Torque Measurement on Motors

Testbed multiple motors all at the same time and develop a testing line stress analysis to the GL840 via USB memory to the PC.

Built-in Test System for Fuel Cell Evaluation

Incorporate the GL840 into an automated test system to measure temperature and humidity during fueling process such as heat pumps and thermal energy reuse.  


Motor Torque Durability Test

Monitor motor durability with up to 10 channels, save the measured data on USB memory, and review with a PC.

Temperature Measurement for Electronic Board

AP0221 GL240 electronics.png

Perform temperature distribution measurement up to 10 channels during actual operation of the board.


Measure Temp and Humidity Levels as part of Quality Control

Monitor temperature and humidity variances in areas of interest for a quality control purposes as well as ISO and ASA requirements. 

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