Having flexible and versatile system that embeds data acquisition needs into various types of R&D environment helps developers and researchers with solution that eliminates the testing turn around significantly.  Graphtec’s datalogger and data platform focus on this versatility aspect of the test & measurement by providing a portable system that takes you from one test to another with relative ease.  Our focus is recording and analysis of low-voltage signals including physical sensors as well as temperature sensors along with advanced test and measurement applications as well as high voltage analysis for AC and DC signals up to 1kV.  From strain measurement to accelerometers as well as pressure transducers to pH meters, scale the input from your proprietary signals to record your signals for long term and/or dynamic transient analysis.




Portable configuration of Graphtec Dataloggers puts data acquisition and signal analysis at the palm of your hand with time-stamp view of the real-world signal.


Physical sensors with linear voltage output (or 4-20mA loop) can be displayed individually with its original unit of measurement.


Forget about spending weeks and months for setting up Automated Test System to configure the next scenario that takes so long to build.  Set up your test scenarios within minutes using the Graphtec GL dataloggers.


  • Reliability/Life Cycle Testing

  • Component Testing

  • Environmental Chamber Monitoring

  • Quality Test and Inspection

  • Laboratory Instrumentation

  • Stress/Strain Measurement

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Environmental Testing

  • Life Cycle Stress Testing

  • Mechanical/Production Testing

  • Engine/Emission Testing

  • Aerodynamic and Wind Tunnel Testing

  • Discontinuity Testing

  • ATE Alternative Logging

  • Integrated Systems Testing

  • Thermal Performance Checks

  • Durability Testing

  • Battery Cell Monitoring

  • Lab Analysis/Test



Discontinuity Testing for Battery Supply under Low Current

GL7000 AP0047.png

Testing for battery loads to make sure a low current scenario still charge the battery cells.

Thermal Energy Regeneration and Conversion Research

GL7000 AP0049.png

Measure up to 2 million data points for high speed sampling of acoustic wave signals to research heat/cooling period.

Heat monitoring for Geothermal heating and cooling systems

GL7000 AP0053.png

Display unit of the GL7000 allows real time measurement of the geothermal systems on the control box to monitor dynamic thermal performances.

Performance analysis for power supply on sputtering machines

Monitor the control I/O’s analog output (0-10V) as well as temp and humidity to check performance of the power supply on sputtering machines.

Accurate dynamic temperature testing for toilets

High end toilet with dynamic temperature changes can be monitored using the GL7000.

Development testing for injection molding equipment

GL7000 AP0070 - injection molding.png

GL7000 records dynamic temperature profile at fast sampling speeds to monitor injection molding process for temp and pressure. Various signals can be considered using various amplifier modules.

Test performance and functionality of electronic circuit boards

GL7000 AP0268.png

Apply a predetermined signal to the electronic circuit board, measure the signal voltage and temperature inside the circuit, and test performance / functionality of the electronic circuit board.

Electric vehicle motor function testing

Measure the ability of the motor and the state-of-its control.

Strain measurement of electronic circuit board

GL7000 AP0273.png

Measure the distortion applied to the board when cutting the electronic circuit board and check the cutting condition setting of the cutting machine.

Muffler testing

GL7000 AP0274.png

Measure the pipe vibration, gas pressure / pulsation, etc. in the muffler for the motorcycle and test the performance of the muffler.

Test of simple sensor calibrator

A simple sensor calibrator that measures torque etc. for testing of the sensor calibrator and can be used in the field.

Performance testing of gasket

Measure gasket strain, applied pressure, and temperature to test gasket capability.

Performance test of transport mechanism

Measure the control signal and acceleration of the transport mechanism in wafer manufacturing equipment and confirm the performance / capability of the transport mechanism.

midi Logger Graphtec GL2000 IconSmall 200.jpg

Measurement of switchboards and residential equipment

Measurement related to temperature is performed centering on the power supply voltage of the switchboard and the current using the clamp meter.

Measurement of rotation and torque

Measurement performed using the effective value range for the performance evaluation test of the inverter mounted in the air conditioning equipment.


Measuring load signal from tension testers

AP0251 GL840 electronics.png

Strain measurement from weight scales on load cells from a tension testers can be recorded at high sampling intervals with a trigger start to record critical dynamic information.

Monitoring fast changing signal from flaw detectors

Dynamic monitoring is required when using ultrasonic flaw detection systems. Analog outputs from the flaw detectors can be recorded onto the GL980 for extended period. (2 days 6 hours at 1ms interval. 40 sec at 100kS/s)

Vibration testing for portable LCD gaming screens

GL980 AP0110 - Vibration testing for portable lcd gaming screens.png

Measure high-speed sampling of signal output.

ECU temperature profile

GL980 AP0113 - ECU temperature profile.png

Measure the temperature profile data of the ECU with environmental testing chamber and use it as reference data for mass production. It performs fast signal and temperature measurement at the same time.

O/E sensor - performance test of magnetic direction sensor

Use XY function for sensor sensitivity test of O/E sensor and magnetic bearing sensor.

Development of injection molding machine

AP0108 GL980 testing.png

High-speed temperature profile recording during developing an injection molding machine.

Gear signal research

GL980 AP0165 - injection molding machine.png

Monitor oil temperature, vibration, rotation speed and torque during gear research and development.


Environmental life cycle stress testing

GL840 AP0084 - environmental life cycle stress testing.png

Portable configuration of the GL840 can offer versatile and on-site testing for temperature and humidity using for all weather chassis dynamometer testing.

Temperature monitoring for high grade appliances

GL840 AP0085 - temp humidity of appliances.png

Monitor temperatur and humidity for high grade home appliance including heat pump system for dryers and washers. Use threshold levels to alert and to automatically detect anomalies.

Data acquisition for construction equipment

GL840 AP0086 - construction equip temp.png

Monitor and test your engine RPM, hydraulic oil temperature, water temperature, and various other component measurement via wireless LAN.

Temperature monitoring used on eco-friendly residential units

GL840 AP0090 - solar voltage temp.png

Multi-channel temperature monitoring can monitor air leakage efficiency and heat insulating effect for various heat generated system including solar and geothermal heating.

Temperature measurement of high performance washing machine

GL840 AP0247 - heat pump GL840.png

Measure temperature and humidity during drying with a high-performance washing machine. Measure multiple items when reusing thermal energy or drying by heat pump.

Freezer development

GL840 AP0249 - freezer development GL840.png

Perform temperature evaluation during development of commercial refrigeration unit.

LCD temperature testing

GL840 AP0250 - LCD GL840.png

Measure multiple channels to monitor the temperature distribution of the display surface during development.

Refrigerator development testing

GL840 AP0253 - refrigerator development GL840.png

PC measurement of multiple refrigerator temperature points up to 500 channels via LAN.

Eco-house temperature testing

GL840 AP0254 - eco-house GL840.png

Temperature measurement of various items from airtightness of building and insulation effect, to underground heat utilization and photovoltaic generation.

Charge and discharge test of fuel cell

GL840 AP0255 - fuel cell GL840.png

Perform multi-channel monitoring during charge / discharge test of various batteries such as fuel cells.

Water heater testing

GL840 AP0260 - waterheater GL840.png

Perform the flow rate and temperature measurement of each part of the water heater. Data is collected on the LAN.

Remote monitoring of cogeneration system

GL840 AP0264.png

Monitor the condition of the gas turbine generator, cogeneration system, and connected devices from remote location.

Monitoring of production equipment

GL840 AP0284.png

Measure the control signal and the power driver voltage with manufacturing equipment such as surface-treated high function board and high function film, and monitor the condition of the equipment.

Self-propelled vacuum cleaner testing

Precisely measures the internal temperature along with the control signal of small household appliances.

LED lighting equipment testing

Measure the brightness, driving voltage, internal temperature, etc. of large lighting equipment using LEDs.

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