From alternative energy production to preventative maintenance for aging hydro-electric plants, Graphtec dataloggers offer versatile solution for energy professionals with focus on reliable monitoring recorder for power analysis and production.  Graphtec’s portable configuration on the dataloggers and data platform offer capability to resolve quality issues in remote locations and crawl spaces.  Large scale turbines, pumps, generators, wind blades, and solar panels needs consistent datalogging for temperature, voltage, current, vibration, and sound.  GL240 and GL840 recorders offer multichannel configuration for temperature and low voltage control signals.  GL2000 offers CAT III-rated high voltage analysis up to 600V for voltage sags, transients, swells, dissipation, and interruptions for both RMS and peak-to-peak recording for both dynamic and long-term recording.

Production facilities for solar and wind energy is also utilizing the power of the GL240 and GL840 in monitoring molding processes for temperature conditioning and process qualification.  Our flexible system that offers multi-channel configuration of various physical sensor measurement through scaled linear inputs and direct conversion of the original unit of measurement provides you the handy troubleshooting tool to monitor and log any conditions faced in remote power plants and production facilities.




Portable configuration offers easy-to-use troubleshooting tools for using dataloggers in various test conditions.


Physical sensors with linear voltage output (or 4-20mA loop) can be displayed individually with its original unit of measurement.


Graphtec recorders offer low-cost alternative to ATE setup where roll out and engineering require significant labor.


  • Condition Monitoring

  • Electromechanical Maintenance

  • Power Monitoring

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Thermal Performance Checks

  • Motor Performance Measurement

  • Nuclear Facility Startup Condition Checks

  • Alternative Energy Performance Verification

  • Oil Well Condition Monitoring

  • Generator Boot-up Measurement

  • Fuel Cell Thermal Measurement

  • Battery Cell Thermal Performance Monitoring



Research on Thermal Energy Regeneration and Conversion for Thermoacoustic Heat Systems

Measure up to 2 million data points for high speed sampling of acoustic wave signals to research heat and cooling periods.

Power Monitoring for Solar Panels

AP0054 GL7000 electronics.png

Monitor power capacity from solar panels. Place the GL7000 in the external case and monitor the values real time via excel on LAN/ethernet connection.

Monitoring Temp, Pressure, and Differential Pressure for Light-water Nuclear Reactors

The fast-speed sampling interval capability of the GL7000 allows multichannel temperature and voltage measurement to monitor water pump pressure and flow volume/ as well as flow rates for pumping systems at a nuclear facility.

Performance Test for Solenoid Valves

High speed voltage signal is required to measure the responses of the actuator used for solenoid valve.  GL7000 can act as a modular DAQ system to set conditions based on required signal conditions.

Long Term Performance Testing for Wind Generators

Measure the state of the wind power generator over a long period, and verify the ability to cope with the surrounding environmental conditions.

Temperature Measurement for Transmission Lines

Measure the temperature of the outer layer of high-voltage transmission lines inside the power plant and judge the degree of wear to the transmission line.

Heat Monitoring for Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Display unit of the GL7000 allows real time measurement of the geothermal systems on the control box to monitor dynamic thermal performances.

Analog Voltage Measurement for Inverter Units

Typical inverter units used in various application can require minute testing for startup sequences, current draw, and voltage stability performances.  GL7000 measures this and gives you recorded data for quick analysis for dynamic AC and DC voltage applications.

GL2000 Data Logger General Data Acquisition Purpose Platform

Measurement of Switchboards and Residential Equipment

AP0251 GL840 electronics.png

Measure current and temperature variables related to power circuit distribution using proprietary clamp meter for current and power

High Voltage Measurement for CAT III Requirements

Maintenance of emergency generators and cogeneration system using gas turbine can utilize the GL2000 to measure both effective RMS value ranges as well as peak to peak values along with temperature ranges to accurately record performance variables.

Utilize GL2000 as a Maintenance tool for Water Heaters

Measure and log signals that control water heaters at dynamic sampling speed to accurately monitor the variables in sustaining adequate conditions for normal operation.

Precision Inverter Performance Measurement

Measurement is performed using the effective value range on evaluation for the inverter units mounted in air conditioning equipment.


Temperature Monitoring Used On Eco-Friendly Residential Units

AP0290 GL980 automotive.png

Multichannel temperature monitoring can monitor air leakage efficiency and heat insulating effect for various heat generated system including solar and geothermal heating.

Environmental Residential Housing Development

Eco-friendly houses required temperature monitoring for various physical measurement including airtightness, insulation, underground heat utilization and photovoltaic generation. Utilize our datalogger for multi-faceted recording of various signals.

Built-in Test System for Fuel Cell Evaluation

Incorporate the GL840 into an automated test system to measure temperature and humidity during fueling process such as heat pumps and thermal energy reuse.  

Performance Variables for Stress Testing using Dynamometers

AP0258 GL840 environmental testing.png

Quick testing platform using the GL840 can provide temperature and humidity data for testing criteria during a all-weather chassis vehicle dynamometer testing.

Remote Monitoring of Co-generation System

Monitor the condition of the gas turbine generator, cogeneration system, and connected devices from a remote location for power circuits and control rooms.


Monitor Total Power Consumption out of Electrical Distribution Board

AP0236 GL240 railway.png

Quickly place the GL100 on the distribution board and monitor power based on constant voltage supply.

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